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The Distinction between Features and Benefits

Oct 22, 2007
How can you be sure that your adverts, sales copy and other marketing material are effective enough to persuade your prospect to purchase?

We have all heard that promoting the benefits of products or services is the most important aspect of marketing ahead of the features.

Before someone purchases a product or service, they want to know what is in it for them and how helpful/useful it will be to them.

Furthermore, they want to know what will happen to their lifestyles if they do not purchase. The problem is how do you differentiate between the features and benefits of your product? Plus, once you do, how do you express those benefits?

Write a List of Features and Benefits

When purchasing a product, people do so for what that particular product can achieve for them. Divide your list into two parts, one for features your viewpoint on the product and one for benefits your customers perspective.

For example: Are they buying new shoes purely because they need them or to look and feel good? So you would list the features such as: made of leather, stretch elastic and adjustable buckle at ankle, cushioned leather foot bed etc.

The benefits for the customer would be listed as something like: cushioned lining for added comfort, many colors, so would match a variety of outfits, half the price of similar styled designer shoes etc.

Write as you would Speak

It is recommended that you allow your personality to shine through your sales copy. You can attain this by making it sound like a written conversation involving you and your customer.

Using a more personal approach will make your prospect feel special and that you are addressing them directly. Each business will have its own manner and character, depending on what product or service you sell.

Write from the Second Persons Viewpoint

Remember to write that conversation just as it would be if it was between you and one customer. Make sure that you use the words you and me frequently as it is not companies - but people that sell products.

Present a call to Action

You must tell prospects what they have to do by stating clearly what actions they need to take or you may lose them. Some prospects need to be told exactly what steps need to be taken to enable them to purchase. You have to be bold and outright ask for that sale or you may lose it.
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