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How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Oct 22, 2007
If you have ever remotely heard of Google Adwords you might have an inkling of what it's all about. It represents a way for websites to generate more clicks and traffic to their site by way of ads placed in Google. So what's Adsense about? When websites like yours and mine help Google advertise and earn a percentage commission - that's what the Adsense program is all about!

How does it work?

Usually Adwords works on a very simple principle. Typically when users search for certain keywords or phrases, a set of results gets displayed. If you notice, on the right hand side you'll find a set of associated ads which have content relevant to what's being searched for. These are websites who pay big money to get their ads displayed on Google. Not just that, they also need to pay Google everytime there is a click from their ad on Google. This is essentially how Adwords works.

What is Adsense all about?

Well, Adsense is basically all about helping Google in their Adwords initiative and also earning a cool side income through it! Yes, if you have a website, you can leverage Adsense to place these ads onto your site - depending on the search terms. Everytime there is a click from the ads on your site you get a percentage of the earnings Google receives from the advertiser.

What's the catch?

Because we are naturally conditioned to be skeptical about money making schemes, the immediate question that pops up is why would Google give away money like this? What's in it for them? Well, Google is too smart to give away money for free. Their idea in Adsense is to generate maximum exposure for the ads to as many sites as possible. Why? Because the more sites the ads get advertised on, the more clicks and traffic they get! The more the number of clicks, the more they get paid from advertisers. That's how they are also able to recover their advertising funds quicker. Also, even though they are shelling out a commission to participants of Adsense, Google eventually makes a huge profit in the long term. Plus, it's a win-win situation for the advertiser (because he gets loads of exposure and clicks on the net), Google (they get more commissions for each click) and the Adsense website (because they earn a commission from Google's earnings).

How to go about it?

You need to contact Google with an application to get started with Adsense. You will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours stating if you have been accepted or rejected. Once accepted you will be provided an HTML code which you will need to paste into the particular page on which you want the ads to be displayed. The way you choose to place the ads is a matter of personal preference. You can display them in a vertical pane on the right (just like Google does), or choose to place the ads in a banner horizontally.

How much money can you earn?

Google does not reveal exactly how much you will earn for each click through from an ad. However, if your site is about a popular topic you can expect even 15 dollars for a single click! The range of earnings could be anything from 2 cents to 15 dollars per click. You could also log into your account and get a daily report on revenues earned on that day.

Why Adsense is so great?

The reason Adsense works so well is that even if your site doesn't have any existing ads and is fairly static, you can still expect to earn revenues - without selling any products! Also, if you're frustrated with banner ads (because they take up loads of money - without getting you much revenue) Adsense can be a great option. It's because unlike other sites which require visitors to buy something from your site, Adsense just requires them to click on the ads - and you get your revenue!

What you absolutely need to ensure

If you're opting for the Adsense program, you need to make sure your site has loads of content. That means you should be a subject matter expert of sorts. You also need to create your website tailored to Adsense. Don't create a personal website which has things like 'About me' because that will get you rejected by Google. By following these tips you can easily start making good money with Adsense!
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