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The Internet Home Based Business Heaven Is The Pole Position At Google

Oct 22, 2007
The stats show that the amount of the clicks will be distributed as follows: number one gets 60 %, number two around 23 % and number three around 10 %, it is altogether 93 %. Now it is clear, what is the target of your home business site!

The nature of all internet home based business marketing is that it is a numbers game. We marketers need the numbers to be able to filter the customers from the big amount of site visitors. If the conversion rate of your site is for instance 2 %, it means that 2% of the visitors will buy and that 2 % of the adviewers will click, so you need 125.000 adviewers for one buyer!

And if your internet home based business site is number 3 on the result page of the keyword, which has 1.000 searches per day, your site gets 100 clicks only, but if your site is number 1, it gets 600 clicks!You can calculate further, but it is clear that we all need a lot of people to whom we are in contact every single day!

To make your home business to sing rock & roll, the business needs a proven strategy, which fits to the talents and experiences of the site owner. My strategy is to get free, residual and highly targeted traffic from several high demand keyword markets. My main tools are an optimized site with many fresh, relevant pages and the article writing with wide distribution.

1. If You Use Home Business As A Keyword And Reach # 1 Position At Google, It Means Your Site Gets Around 1.440 Clicks Per Day!
As the headline shows, there is the target! In many cases it is not so difficult to get, but it needs some research and planning. First you need the best keyword selector software the internet can offer. Then you must pick the keywords, which are also in the title or description of your site.

One job which the internet home based business marketers very often pass, is the research of the competition. You see, if you want to become numero uno, you just have to beat the present numero uno! Beating means a lot of things but the most important is the number of related backlinks, i.e. your site must have more than the present leader. If not, get them!

If the home business site has a constant flow of new, fresh pages, with several inbound links, Google will value that!I have a friend, who had a site with 30.000 daily visitors from the # 1 position of one certain keyword at Google. When a site one day dropped to the # 2 position, it lost over 60 % of the visitors!

2. The Number And The Quality Of Backlinks Are The Most Important Ones.
As said earlier, the internet home based business marketing is a play with numbers. Do not try to find out too targeted traffic, let the visitors make their choices. The residual, targeted and free traffic from the search engines natural searches is important. The backlinks gained trough article writing will carry your site to the # 1 position.

If the home business site is on the number 1 position, the title and the description text, which a surfer sees on the result page, can presell and attract the targeted visitors. The text also increases the conversion rate. But there will always be a lot of tyre kickers too.

3.What You Do If Your Site Drops To The Second Place?
Well the answer is simple: write more articles with that keyword and soon it will be back. The articles will be submitted to thousands of article directories and websites, which means more and more backlinks.

Now you will get a lot of new backlinks, with the keyword hyperlinked in the Resourche Box and search engines will see the fresh, new page, which has a high relevancy. This is the method to conquere back the # 1 position.

As to the conversion power, the title, the teaser and the author box texts of every article are extremely important, because most surfers will read only them. It is natural that the used keyword must tell the reader the topic too. I don`t write to the search engines, because they have no money to buy. I will always write to the human beings, to the readers.
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