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Finding Office Space In London

Oct 22, 2007
Finding office space London can be difficult regardless of whether you are renting or buying. Home to over 7.5 million residents and with nearly 4,800 people per square kilometre, offices in the area are very limited in most parts.

The city is a dynamic business district and has long been home to the financial, legal and insurance sectors which makes office space London hard to come by. It is an excellent place to locate office buildings but not just because it's such a vibrant and exciting place to be. The economy in London is significantly stronger than in any other region in the United Kingdom with its contribution to the economy being 53 percent above the national average.

Not only is finding office space London a challenging task but so is finding the right offices to suit your business. For example, location, cost, space and potential for expansion are all important factors to consider. Just because a company is small at the moment it doesn't mean that they will be in a couple years time which may result in them being short on space in the future. As the second biggest cost to any business and accounting for 20 percent of a company's costs, it is imperative to find office space London that works for the business.

For many businesses renting offices instead of buying can work out to be a lot more practical, especially if you are unsure about where the future of your company lays. The only thing that is certain is the fact that nobody can predict the future. In the space of a year a company may double their workforce or even half it. Businesses that bought their space may find themselves in a difficult position as they would need to sell their current offices which is time consuming and expensive and you may find yourself in the same position in a year's time. However, renting office space London means that once the lease has run out it is easy to relocate somewhere more suitable.

Finding offices to rent in London is also less risky than buying offices. Although property has been rising constantly in the UK over recent years, the market is very unpredictable and you never know when it could crash. This means that you could pay an absolute fortune for office space but then when it's time to sell up you get less than what you paid. This means that you will have lost valuable income for your business and affect profits.

Overall there are many advantages of finding offices space London including saving costs, lower risks and freeing up capital. This makes it very obvious that renting office space is a wise business choice.
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