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The Advantages Of Renting Office Space

Oct 22, 2007
There are many advantages of finding office space to rent in London rather than investing in buying the property. Whilst buying does have its advantages, in an uncertain world like today's many businesses find that they are better off renting as it can't be predicted what it just around the corner.

Finding office space to rent in London gives companies so much more flexibility than they would have if they had bought the property. A company may buy space big enough for 50 employees as they are just starting out but in a year's time they may have done really well and need to double their workforce. If they had purchased the building they would now have a costly and time consuming task on their hands as they have to put the building on the market and try to sell it and then find new offices as well. However, finding office space to rent in London means that once the lease has ended that company would easily be able to go and find new, bigger space.

Many businesses are now finding it more beneficial to find office space to rent in London due to the increasing property prices in the UK. Small companies or those who are just starting out find it near enough impossible to be able to afford the expense of buying offices and end up renting instead. Depending on how long a business intends on staying in the offices they may even find that renting works out cheaper due to lots of hidden costs associated with buying that many people aren't aware of.

Another reason why a company may choose to find office space to rent in London rather than buying is because they may be uncertain about the future of the company. For example, if a company has just started out they probably don't want to take the risk of spending a lot of money on buying offices in case things don't work out. However, by renting offices they would not be tied to anything should things go wrong and it would be a lot easier to just walk away.

Maintenance costs will be a lot cheaper for companies that find office space to rent in London as this will be handled by the landlord. If a company owns the building then they are in charge of maintenance and repairs which can be very expensive. However, by renting and leaving the hard work to the landlord, businesses who find office space to rent in London can concentrate on the more important aspects of their business.
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