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Is There Anyone Testing There Directory Submissions Services?

Oct 22, 2007
In beginning a optimization and web site promotion campaign, the very first steps which I go into for link building is qualified theme related links.

It is important to know that some directories are not worth your time in submitting your web site to. In order to improve search engine rank you must really have you eyes set in the long term. The simple fact of just submitting your web site to search engines may not help you unless you know where to do it. Do not get me wrong, you can improve search engine placement using directory submission services, but not just by submitting to search engines. This about it, how many search engines are you currently using. I would imagine the big three, Google, MSN, and Yahoo. So where does this leave directory submission services.

Good question, directory submissions should be considered. Actually every search engine optimization campaign Dream Ware Enterprise starts employs are own directory submission services. So why does it not suit most web sites?

Well to put it lightly some directories are just garbage. They actually are doing some interesting things in there code and many are just not optimized. Take for example directories stating that they have a page rank of 5, but what about that page you are submitting it to. How much page rank does that one have. More importantly, does that page get crawled by Google. Many directories do not structure there sites very well to access page rank and some actually are using no follow tags.

The no follow tags on a directory page are just wrong in my opinion. It is even worse when these no follow tags are used when you pay for a listing in to that directory.

For about 6 months I did some tests using directory submissions. I was amazed at all the money I spent to improve search engine rankings. I did the test on one domain only. After doing my submissions I found doing some back link research that there were sites that were not giving me any benefit due to a couple important factors that everyone should know.

It was quite simple, after discovering that my site was only increasing rankings from certain directories it was crucial to get these directories on a list and begin implementing them in all my campaigns. I still do believe in directory submission services, actually this is a key part of my search engine optimization strategy. But what is so important is to understand is understanding, which services to use and what sites you will be investing in.

I did compile my 6 months in to a manuscript and detailed study about directory submissions and the truth about where and why to submit to certain directories. Taking the 6 months to test and track did help and I was glad to now have accurate and standardized results everyone can use. It really is about taking time to track the results using testing and comparison testing. I believe I saved thousands of dollars and many hours now knowing which directories to submit our clients sites to.
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