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How Rich Dad Poor Dad Education Can Create Positive Impact in Your Life

Oct 22, 2007
I read Rich dad poor dad book about 4 years ago, it did not really hit me the importance of taking control of your financial life.

It was until 2 years later, while having to sit at home most of the time due to a surgery I had on my leg, I read the book, Rich dad poor dad, again. This time around, one of the best things happened to me. My life has changed since. I started to look at things differently and positively. Life began to have more meaning and purpose rather than leading aimlessly. Something had happened to me.

My mindset has changed. I began to look at life as a learning process. I realized I can make choices for who I want to be. I began to want to learn more. I read more about successful business people like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump. I began to enjoy learning about how these people think.

Recently, while I was sitting down in a plane on my way back from Australia, I watched in amazement the video of how Steve Jobs changed and revolutionize Apple and turn iPod in becoming a huge success. 70 million users and the number are still growing. It was just a wonderful spectacle to say the least.

Today, because of that significance of reading that book, I am able to venture into unknown territories. Due to the Rich Dad education and playing educational games such as cash flow 101 game, I am able to understand better business languages better. I felt that the education has been priceless. It led me to wanting to learn more. It has encouraged me to learn more about public speaking, leadership training, mental strength training, sales training,real estate, internet business,entrepreneurship and home based business.

Through these experiences, it had taught me that learning never stops and you have to step out of my comfort zone like speaking in public and networking with people to learn and grow. The business lessons I had were never smooth. But through learning from mentors such as entrepreneurs and books and the Rich Dad education, it has encouraged me to widen my knowledge and learn from others. That is beauty of it, I keep on learning in business and life. I felt that you can grow tremendously from such education,learning never stops and every day you are learning new things.

Thinking right now, I am so thankful for Rich Dad education. I have learnt a lot from Rich Dad and Robert Kiyosaki's teaching. Rich dad poor dad education has created more enthusiasm and happiness in my life. It changed my life. It has been a challenging ride ever for my life ever since but I am looking forward to more challenging aspects to learn from this life.
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