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SEO is DEAD? - Goodbye to Slow SEO!

Oct 22, 2007
The days of slow SEO drudgery are gone. Web marketers no longer have to beg Google to have mercy on them, nor do they need to rely solely on SEO services to build or save their ranking. Because webmasters are finally starting to understand what search engines have been asking them to since web marketing began: serve the visitors, not yourself.

Some claim that SEO is dead but this is only partly true. Past SEO methods are dead.

Webmasters no longer have to submit their article individually, to one directory at a time. Article syndication provides them with the tools the need to get their good quality content in front a lot more people a lot faster.

They no longer have to rely on written content alone to send out their message. Video and audio syndication is now available. This gives another communication form to reach your prospective buyers. And because of the great response, some marketers are finding it to be a better marketing solution then article marketing.

Social networking has never been easier. There are many more options for webmarketers to get involved and get their site recognized. With niche sites that cater to their markets, Emarketers can now not get in touch and personally connect with those who are in their consumer market as well as stay on the ball with whats new, out there, and expected by web browsers today.

Whats more they can do all this without feeling like a sleazy salesman. Social networking helps to build consumer-buyer friendship which is a necessity for successful web businesses today.

Blog platforms not only give an easier business vehicle, as many new marketers are unfamiliar with all the HTML required to build a decent web business, but because they are crawled faster than static sites your information gets indexed quicker.

Couple that with the fact that RSS feeds greatly increase your exposure and the blog publishing platform becomes an easier way to let search engines and visitors know, Im out here, and Im worth checking out.

What should you be doing?

Start blogging on a high-tech platform. Word press is a great tool.

Create multiple tagged RSS feeds based on your top keywords and use autodiscovery in your template to shove content in the face of spiders.

Make sure you tag and ping. This helps your readers find your material.

Post once a day on your blog and on several other blogs or social networks related to your niche on topics that are relevant to your market group.

While the old methods of: writing read worthy material that caters to your reader base, linking within your site with keyword phrases and posting regularly are still a must do for any net marketer these new methods make all those tasks a lot easier.

SEO is no longer about pleasing search engines. You cant and search engines dont really want you to. Avoiding slow SEO and feeling like SEO is dead is not what everyone is looking for. The main goal is to please your visitors. Many search engines feel if you can make your visitors happy, then we are happy. You don't need SEO services to do this.

Websites that aim to exceed their visitors expectation get talked about, linked to, highly ranked and ultimately generate more income.
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Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant and work at home business owner. For more information on website linking strategies please visit his "Top Ranked" Reciprocal Linking Strategies Directory gives you all the information you need to Work at Home in the 21st century.
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