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Why Most People Fail On The Internet

Oct 22, 2007
How many programs have you joined so far? How many websites have you built? It is amazing to me that 95% of all online businesses never make a profit. Many do not even make a sale and it usually comes down to one thing.

In this article I am going to hit the nail on the head as to why most people fail online.

If you are to believe some of the really slick ads promoting the next great thing, then you will not fail. After all it guarantees your success so it must be true. Unfortunately slick advertising is what it takes to get suckers like us to fork over our money.

Here is the inside tip none of the so called internet marketing gurus really ever teach. You need SKILLS to make money online. Think about that. You can have the best product in the world, but who really cares if they never see it.

And let' face it, there are over 1 billion websites and growing everyday. The competition dictates you must get better at doing internet marketing before you will be successful doing it.

You need marketing skills to get traffic to any website or blog you have. Unless you pay for traffic and even then you need skills to do that right. Try and run a Google Adwords campaign when you do not have a clue what you are doing.

You need skills to hire the right people if you will not work to get the skills to do it yourself. It has been said that what you lack in time you can make up for in money and vice versa.

You can always hire people to do things for you if you know where to find them and how choose the right ones. Not as easy as it sounds when you are trying to communicate with a website designer in India.

You need skills to develop the right self image to stick with it when the going gets tough. This is a personal thing. Many people will not succeed because they do not believe they deserve to be successful. Training your mind for success takes as much time and effort as building your internet business in many ways.

So now you see. Most people fail on the internet with their business because they are not skillful enough and they quit before they ever acquire any. Do not let that be you!
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Dr. Daniel Trainor is an established internet marketer and mentor. To find out how Dr. Trainor can help you make money from home go to FriendsWin.com
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