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Increase The Internet Home Business Opportunity Sites Conversion Rate

Oct 23, 2007
A high quality video on the home page of your internet home business opportunity can really grow the conversion rate to a higher level. This happens, when a video works as a main element to make a site different and unique and if the video presentation demonstrates the key promise in a highly emotional way. The video marketing can be more powerful than anything else as to the effect and persuasion power.

1. The Video Can Save The Impact Of The First Impression.
Many of the internet home business opportunity site visitors are surfers, who are looking something interesting. This means that after a visitor has landed your site, the site has a couple of seconds to make a strong impact.

The basic nature of the video is, that one picture speaks more than thousands of words. Because the surfers are in a very busy state of the mind, the good video, if it is rolling when he lands, can grab the attention and change the state of the mind of the visitor in seconds and make him to continue to the site. He simply wants more!

2. The Video Is Very Emotional.
TV has always been the most effective advertising medium because of the huge emotional impact, it can create. The video uses exactly the same methods. When a visitor has just landed the page, a good first impression is important.

The video can be a strong, emotional first handshake and the impact can make the visitor to continue on the site.The video must be on a visible place on the home page and the recommended length is about 2 minutes.

3.The Video Is A Brand Builder.
Using the video on your home business page is a good idea, when the quality is high. People are used to TV, movies good TV ads etc, and they wil wait for the same quality from your home business video.

The image, which the video will build, must be thoroughly consistent down to the smallest detail. Otherwise the video communicates about an amateurish and unreliable antibrand. It is recommended to use professionally made video and not to do it by yourself.

4. The Video Must Tell Only One Benefit.
The video has to communicate clearly the unique benefit, which a visitor gets.The ideal mix of the content is the right balance of convincing and emotional content.The graphics is a good way to demonstrate the key points. But still there can be only one key, different promise to the visitor.

5. The Video Needs A Proper Plan.
It is useful to make some basic questions, when you plan the internet home business opportunity video or before you select some ready made one. What is the idea of using the video, what is the target, what is the target group, what is the key promise, what is the style and tone of voice of the video, how to convince the target group, what is the length and the budget?

As the social sites have showed, the video is the hottest hot topic and can be splendedly used in the internet home business opportunity marketing too. It is a great tool to increase the effectiveness of the marketing, the conversion rate and to make the visitor relationship more emotional. That makes good for home business!
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