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Making Mistakes When Email Marketing

Oct 23, 2007
Business owners looking to expand their market share often mistake using email marketing of any kind as a beneficial addition to their online campaigns. What they fail to realize, often until it is too late, is that making this mistake can not only be costly but downright dangerous to their business credibility and position in the marketplace. Mistakes in email marketing can quickly lead to spam complaints or worst still, an influx of orders with no personnel or product to meet the demand. After sending out an email targeting a specific audience, orders can start arriving in as little as five minutes because unlike fliers and advertising, email is nearly instant.

With this in mind, this article focuses on some of the major mistakes that can be made with email marketing and how to avoid them. First and foremost, spam and being labeled as a spammer can be deadly to an online presence. Each day users are deluged with a plethora of unsolicited emails called Spam, that if they complain about it, your Internet presence can be damaged, your website URL banned and your ISP can come a knocking with threats of anything from closing your account to fining you for the hassle you've caused them. Once your email lands in the spam category, it becomes worst than non-existent. It becomes something that can cost you money and credibility, and it could all happen in less than 24 hours.

Bear this in mind when you start your email marketing campaign and take steps to double-opt-in your subscribers so that you have proof to offer complainers and your ISP should things go wrong. Offer useful, informative targeted material to your subscribers. Double opt-in requires the prospective subscriber to check their email and click on a link which gives their consent to receive your email. Just like you don't like your time wasted, most people feel the same way. In order for them to keep opening and taking your emails seriously, you'll need to offer good, helpful information that doesn't just look like you are trying to sell them something.

Lack of follow-up is another big mistake made by fledgling email marketers. You send your subscribers one email and they never hear from you again. This is deadly. Set a publishing schedule, let your subscribers know what it is, and then stick to it. If you are sending out a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly email newsletter with everything you've collected about widgets, let them know before they sign up so that they are expecting it. Stay committed and send it on a regular basis. Subscribers are hard won. After you have someone's email address, avoid allowing them to fall into the abyss of "no follow-up". It is much easier to get someone to read your subsequent emails than it is to get them to subscribe. Take care of your clients the way you'd want to be taken care of with a steady stream of useful information delivered regularly.

Prepare for the additional customers prior to starting a mailing campaign. There is nothing worst on the Net than promising something, sending out an email, getting 500 orders and having nothing to fill them with. People don't like to wait, especially after they've responded and given you an order. Again, it's all about maintaining credibility through consistency of delivery.

The express purpose of getting subscribers and sending out mailings is to increase business and influence customers to buy. The only way to consistently generate this kind of interest and keep demand high is to utilize the Golden Rule when doing a campaign - Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. You want clients and customers to feel special and important. You want potential customers to feel welcome and to be satisfied and happy if they decide to order from you. Express delivery of products or services is an essential last step in the email campaign process.

Most business owners will make this mistake when email marketing is generalizing their efforts. This results in a less effective email marketing campaign that can actually lower return on investment. Business owners often avoid mailing to a niche market feeling that the Internet gives them the opportunity to reach an incredible audience instead of tailoring their efforts to a niche audience. Narrow your focus as much as possible when emailing so that the people who arrive at your site are interested in what you are promoting. This will result in more leads and a higher conversion rate overall.

Adding an autoresponder to your email marketing campaign that meets the double opt-in rule, can handle the volume of sign ups and is easy to use and navigate is also key.
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