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Ray Reynolds The Blue Print For Success

Oct 23, 2007
Wow, this guy has got some real expensive stuff for sale. One course is $19,999 for 20 CDs and 6 books. (I did not try that one out.) They better be made of solid gold. I also would like you to notice that the entry price from the T.V. infomercial is only 2 payments of $33.00 Do you think there may be an up-sell coming from Ray soon after getting started?

Moving on, I happen to know a thing or two about building corporate credit. The first thing that I found from experience is that it is the hardest part of getting a corporation off the ground. Corporate credit is not just credit cards in the business name it really starts with getting whomever you plan to purchase whatever you plan to sell to give some kind of terms. Normally people look for "net-30-day terms" or "net terms" This means you can get your products without having to pay for them hopefully until you are paid by your customer.

This process of setting up terms with the company I was doing business on a regular, daily basis took me around 2 years. That is two years of doing regular business with an average size company all purchases having to go on my personal credit card. Trust me, real companies do not like to extend "net-terms" to a new business start-up.

When I finally was approved for net 30-day terms and a business credit card the limits were quite low. I think both started at around $1,000 so I still had to use my personal credit for day to day business activities. I was 2- 3 years in business by that point.

The real clincher to the whole Ray Reynolds Blueprint for Success Course is that you can build credit without using any of your personal credit. I find this extremely hard to believe. My P.G. (personal guarantee) is the only thing that got me any corporate credit in the first place and as I said it took a long time.

Aside from the actual act of building credit for a real living and breathing entity is that there is a lot of baggage associated with owning and operating a corporation. You better be an accountant for starters. I pay my account $350.00 per month on an annual retainer. That is cheep too as he is my friends accountant from our church. That $350 is just to cover basic handling of monthly and quarterly tax preparation along with the proper filing of state and federal documents that come in on a monthly, sometimes weakly basis. Any work considered to be out side that general definition is charged hourly. My company is not that big.

You do not want to screw up filing corporate paperwork with the Government. They have stiff penalties in place for any thing late or out of order. It kept me awake many nights worrying before I hired a professional.

I guess my best advice is this; if you want to start a company, begin as a sole proprietor. $25.00 at your local government office for a business license will get you started. Always ask a lot of questions, and do not buy a Ray Reynolds Blue Print for Success plan just to try to build up credit. Even if you were able to do this. I know he has many testimonials 90% of the time you will still be personally guaranteeing any line of credit you are given. You can not just charge up the company bills and then close the doors with no one responsible for the debt.

One more thing I tend to offend people some times with some of my comments so I better throw in the old "this is just my opinion" clause for legal reasons and all. Thanks for reading and good luck.
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