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Support Ticket System - Why Else Do You Think Mankind Has Made Such Strides In Technology?

Oct 23, 2007
Whether your business is small or large, an internet marketer cannot do without a support ticket system for long, especially when the customer inquires start pouring in. You would not only want your customers to get the required response but get it in a way that reflects your professionalism and courtesy.

When your business is new and customer base small,it is possible to achieve the same using traditional methods. However, as the customer base grows, you realize that your personal and courteous responses gradually lose their touch as you struggle with time and the monotony of repetition.

Anything that is repetitive can be automated. Why else do you think mankind has made such strides in technology? With a ticket system, you not only get a smart inexpensive way of doing your work but also of reducing the time a customer waits for response. In this system, a customer inquiry is represented by a ticket. As soon as they are created tickets get assigned to a person or function, which ensures that the same request is not handled by different operators at the same time.In other words, support ticket systems are usually equipped to manage groups of operators working on a huge volume of customer requests.

The number of operators may depend on the business needs.Most support ticket applications are web-based and therefore can be accessed from any location.
You can list multiple tickets and view their status, which may be open, on hold, closed and so on. Similarly, customers and users can also view the status of the tickets they created.Other features available are ability to view ticket history, multiple user login, inventory control, updation and tracking of tickets, customized ways of browsing tickets, a variety of inquiry forms to choose from, POP3 account polling, FAQ, and usage reports. The main advantage of the ticket system however remains in its ability to save time.

You can use this time to concentrate on bringing new projects, develop more business and generate more revenue. Smart support ticket solutions show you the way to smart work rather than hard work.

For example, instead of writing personalized emails to answer each customer question, using a support ticket system you just need to write a generic email for each category of questions. Since the system allows you to categorize customer questions, all you need to do is send the categoris generic mail as reply to the customer.

These and many such features make the tool a necessity for your website. There are a plethora of ticket systems available on the Web. However, before installing such a tool, it would be a good idea to take a look at the features of each system and select the one that is most suitable for your site.
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