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Ticket System -Generating Great Ideas ?

Oct 23, 2007
As the popular saying goes, genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration! Nothing can be truer in the world of e-business and internet marketing. To be successful, it is not enough to keep generating great ideas and innovative strategies.

You have to follow up on your solutions and ensure that they are working in the way they were intended to and are completely up to the expectations of your customers. No new product is 100 % perfect the first time and what still keeps them in the market is strong customer support and continuous upgrades.Easier said than done! You might say. A strong customer support requires fulltime dedicated resources.

A large corporation may be able to provide that in the form of customer contact centers and a battery of service personnel. But what about the small businesses? Fortunately, while the ideas of a genius remain expensive, the technology for doing repetitive time-consuming tasks are affordable and within reach for all. For your business needs, you can opt for ticket system software, which is an inexpensive but valuable customer support solution.

After you set up the system on your site, you will find your self spending lesser and lesser time browsing through and replying to customer questions. In addition, the number of mails directed to your inbox will reduce significantly because the system will direct the customers automatically to probable solutions to their questions.

The need for answering questions and problems subsequently declines. If you think that this may not be sufficient for certain customer problems, be sure to provide an alternative for the customer to contact you directly.
The difference made by your ticket system will be apparent to your customers when they realize that the response time for their questions has reduced and there are several automated functions available to help them get the answers there and then, without much of an effort.

How does the system achieve this? Customers tend to have the same questions and problems at different stages of using your product. Therefore, you can predetermine the groups of problems that your customers typically face and set up the groups in the system. The system will streamline all the generated questions into these groups.

Now all you need to do is write a generic answer for each group and send as a reply to all the mails in the group and store it in the system for other customers to search and view. This is one of the ways that a ticket system works. The actual method may vary depending on the type of system.

The system may use trouble tickets, service tickets or support tickets, but more or less the functionality remains the same. A majority of these applications are available for free or are inexpensive. So you really don't lose anything by trying out these systems.
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