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Red Pie Rock Or How To Solve Your Poor Sales

Oct 24, 2007
If your direct sales web site is not earning you enough to make a car payment then listen up.

Many times I visit direct sales web sites and I am shocked at how poor the design is. Presumably the webmaster is looking to sell something directly, either a product, a membership or some other item but nowhere do I see anything that makes me want to read any further let alone buy. Very simply, you must first offer to solve your customers problem then base your web sales page on a set of design rules to designed make your site sell.

Here are some ideas to help you start it right. Your web site should be based on some of these rules and ideas.

1. Red Pie Rock. Did I catch your attention? Good, because that is what you must do. Catch his attention and hold him. Have you ever seen a newspaper without a headline? How dumb would that look? Would you buy it? Of course not, why? Because there is nothing there to attract your attention and keep you interested. Newspapers and magazines know the value of an attention-grabbing headline. And so should you.

2. Once you have their attention do not put anything that will distract that attention. I know it is popular right now to have affiliate links (the thinking is "if she doesn't buy from me directly then she can click on a link and I'll at least get a commission"), right? wrong! If you are selling anything on-line why would you want your potential customer to LEAVE? Why would you ever want that? Your sales page details must come first before anything else. And if your product is not selling then consider revising your sales message.

3. Lose the features. Talking only about how great your product is, showing feature after feature is really not the way to convince your buyers you can solve his problem. We all know people (customers) have only a "what's in it for me?" mindset, and if that's true why would you focus only on your products features? Pointing out features is ok but only when you relate it to your customers needs and you show them you really do care. Okay, So I'm talking about benefits, right? See the next entry.

4. Show them you care. How? With benefits of course! But, and here's the trick: State the benefits in terms your customer can relate to. For example, imagine you sell a machine that will tie your shoes automatically, (and if you're anything like me you know what a pain that can be), so you write in your web sales page "this device can fit in your pocket or purse" that's a feature, then you say "this device can tie your shoes automatically" Well, that's a benefit and it's ok but it's wrong! How about saying it this way: "this device is so small it can fit in your pocket and can change tie your shoes automatically which means you won't have to get on your knees or bend down!" now that's a benefit he can relate to! Do you see the difference? One offers the traditional product features/benefits model and the other combines those features with benefits in a way the customer can relate to. You should concentrate on making your message benefit-focused then adjust that message in a way your reader can relate to then change your visitor from simply visiting into a paying customer!

5. Call for action. Far too many sites simply don't ask for the sale. Why is that? If you don't tell your customer what to do at the end of your presentation then a very good prospect will turn into just another visitor because your didn't tell him what to do right now: Click now to place an order! The visitor thinks "hmmm...that's a nice item maybe I'll come back to it, later", but later never comes and that visitor remains a visitor and not a customer. Always ask for the order.

6. Finally, add a strong PS. A strong P.S. is very important in that is has been shown to be the one item that is read. Here many will tell you to re-state the offer, offer a strong guarantee and ask for the order. Sounds logical but, people don't buy with logic, they buy with emotion. My suggestion for a strong P.S. is to include everything above then remind them they still have a problem and that if they don't order now the problem will still be with them tomorrow! Inject emotion at the end. It really does work.

There are certain rules for any web site business to apply and if you're planning a direct sales web site then it is vital you follow a formula that works. As a future (or new and improved) Internet marketer it is your job to turn visitors into buyers. You can do a much better job if you apply these rules for web site selling. How's your follow up?
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