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Customized And Reusable Email Templates

Oct 24, 2007
Ask any marketer if it's important to have your logo on all communication with any clients or potential clients, and he or she will answer with a resounding "Yes!" It's very important that everything you send out is branded by your logo so that recipients know who has sent them what is - hopefully - valuable or necessary information. They need to know where to go to get more information. As a conference planner, you want to make sure that either the event or company logo is on every email you send out whether it's communication with past attendees, confirmation of registration, or notification of event schedules and changes. Making sure that all interactions with your attendees (and potential attendees) carry your event logo and information is an important part of consistent communication to ensure that your event appears professional and organized.

Although this may seem like common sense, it can become extremely difficult to implement when you begin planning your conference and find that you have to customize each email. Even if you have conference registration software that allows you to schedule email blasts, you may find that remaking a template for each email with your custom colors, event logo, and information is a daunting process.

Another important way to customize your emails is by merging attendee lists with the emails so that recipients feel as though they are receiving direct contact because it is their name on the top of the email, not "Dear attendee." These emails will be much more pleasing to your registrants, but you don't have to spend valuable time individually entering each person's name (even though it will seem like you did.) Make sure that you spend your time on the important details of the conference itself, not redesigning emails and entering specific names and information.

Find a system that allows you to customize your emails with your event logo and theme. This way, not only will these emails take no persistent effort on your part, but you can make these automatic emails personalized with the merged registrant and event information of your choice. You should be able to create reusable email templates with graphics, colors, and advanced text effects. All emails should be addressed specifically to each registrant and at the same time that they carry the look you choose to represent your event - such as your event logo and theme. You might even want to insert links to invoices and receipts, "add-to-calendar," registration records, or maps and surveys. A link for tell-a-friend viral marketing is also an excellent way to increase the reach of you event with no extra effort on you part.

It's highly important that you choose conference registration software that will allow you to easily create and save customized email templates to use and reuse for your scheduled, confirmation, and survey emails to ensure that you take full advantage of all the time-saving options available to you. By sending customized and personalized emails that carry all pertinent information as well as your event theme, all communication with attendees will appear professional and standardized to your satisfaction.
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Ryan is a member of the marketing team for RegOnline, a producer of easy-to-use conference registration software, and a company dedicated to making event planners' lives easier.
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