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Fully Automated Emails

Oct 24, 2007
Do you have an online event registration system for keeping track of all your registrants' information, including lodging and travel plans, payments, and scheduling info? Maybe your event registration system is even online so you no longer have to deal with the trials of keeping track of paper registration. However, you may be able to get even more from your event registration than simply keeping track of all the info.

Did you know that you can choose an event registration system that will send automated confirmation and reminder emails so that you don't have to send emails to each person as they sign up or to those who didn't complete their registration? Most importantly, while you won't have to worry about sending the emails, you will still receive email notification of any new developments, including complete and incomplete registrations, updates, and cancellations. This way, registrants will know immediately that their registration was received, and you don't have to worry about constantly checking to make sure that no new registrants have signed up that need your attention: you'll be consistently updated on the registration process even though you'll no longer have to worry about the follow-up work.

While it's wonderful not to have to worry about sending individual confirmation and reminder emails, you can also make your life even easier by automating mass distributions emails. You can use your event registration software to schedule broadcast and reminder emails so that you don't have to worry about sending them out at a specific date. This is especially important once you get nearer your event date because while your life gets increasingly more hectic, your future attendees need to be receiving more communication from you such as reminders, schedules, travel and lodging info, and -- process for those who may have left it to the last minute - encouragement to complete the registration process. To target these specific groups, you need to be able to schedule batch emails that only go to a specific section of your registrants based on certain criteria, such as those with a balance due or those attending a particular session.

By merging attendee lists with these emails, your can make this communication not only automated but personal as well so that recipients feel as though they are receiving direct contact, but you don't have to spend valuable time individually entering each person's name. Not only do these emails make the communication process leading up to your event significantly easier, but after your event, you can maintain your attendees' information and send these batch emails to no-shows, people who attended specific sessions for feedback, or to past attendees with information on upcoming events.

If you have already discovered how much easier an online event registration system can make the event planning process, imagine how much a fully automated email system could help you as well. Make sure you know all the features your event registration software offers and learn how to implement them in your event registration. You will be pleasantly surprised how much easier - and enjoyable - they make your event planning career.
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Ryan is a member of the marketing team for RegOnline, a producer of easy-to-use event registration software, and a company dedicated to making event planners' lives easier.
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