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What's In You Sales Book?

Oct 24, 2007
The key to selling more is repetition and standards. This makes you at easy, fluid and comfortable as you sound knowledgeable and smooth are you are conducting an estimate. You should have a routine for your estimate. What I mean by this is that you should have a step by step process as you conduct the estimate. For example :

* Initial Meeting (finding common ground and listening to your clients ideas and needs)
* Measuring and walking the job physically with your client. Involve the customer.
* Presentation this is where your sales book comes into play.

Your sales book should contain the following with copies to leave behind so the client can study, explain to their husband etc.

The who are we sheet.

Here is where you tell your potential client why your company is the best and why he should pick you form the other three estimates. It should be clear and concise. Are you a franchise, has your company won any awards are you family own. The client should know every detail and know who you are representing. People do business with people they know.Reference letters, neighborhood or local jobs you have completed etc. Your Website!

License & Insurance.

I always felt like I was being pulled over on the highway and the client would say"license and Insurance please". If you have these have copies at the ready in your book. Psychologically speaking this makes the client say in his head "this outfit is for real". In addition with more and more HOA's or home owner association they will require to see these documents when the home owner requests permission for the fence, addition etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Seeing is believing and you should have images of completed jobs, jobs in process to better explain to the client how your laying the curb on the landscaping or how the fence or screen is built. And finally the all important before and after. More than just showing your work and explaining the process it makes the client visually that pool,fence,curb on his or hers home. In marketing golf equipment we used the "Hit longer and straighter..." this is a creates an indelible image in the client and once he see results you are the person or company must likely to help him achieve his vision.

The diagrams

You should have a sheet where your initial drawing explains the measurement and locations. This is very important as your client must accept your linear or square feet after all this is what determines the cost of the project. Be as clear as possible in your diagram and explain it until you are satisfied the client gets it!

Make sure your sales crew knows how to measure and draw diagrams if not teach them as many times installers need to read this and know where the back and front of the house is. You wont be surprised to know how many time installations are wrong because the installer did not understand the diagram. Coming soon (1-2-3 go, Sending out a crew)

The cheat sheet

This sheet is not show to your client but your salespeople should have it in their material and should refer to it to make sure they have answered every question. What happens if it rains?,Do I have to be here?, Can I park second my car on the driveway? Can I pay your crew?These are questions to situations that come up and may impede your installation or may prevent the client from deciding to move forward. If you sealing his back porch do you mode the plants etc. Think of all possible scenarios and jot them down on a sheet. These questions will also serve as "trial closings" and help you in the sale.

The Contract

Your contractor should be easy to understand and you should take all the time in the world to go over it and answer all the questions your client has. The more they know the better, even the fine print. A payment schedule should be included and be clear.


These are extra flyer's, coupons, manufacturer information brochures.
Finally the
What happens next sheet
which can be used as a closing tool. This sheet details what the procedure for scheduling, preparation, who call who and any logistical information that is need to move forward with the project.

All this information should be professionally produced, print in a presentable folder or ring binder.

This book will keep you on message, help you trial close, give you a degree of comfort that you are not missing or skipping anything. It shows your dedication and professionalism and will make you stand out from your competition.
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