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Is It Really Worth Using Funded Proposals?

Oct 24, 2007
There is so much confusion today about what is called a funded proposal. The misconceptions are running rampant.

But first, let's examine what is a funded proposal. A funded proposal is a marketing system that generates funds to cover the cost of your advertising on the front end in order for you to capture prospect details and promote your business on the backend.

Now it appears there are two kinds of network marketers doing business today. There are those network marketers that stick with the tried and true recruiting methods of old and there are the network marketers that truly want a competitive edge. They want the edge that funded proposals provide versus the cold calling , home meeting, belly to belly networking that has always existed.

Here is where the confusion sets in....

Putting a funded proposal in your marketing arsenal does not stop you from recruiting for your network marketing business using the old tried and true methods. By using a funded proposal you will have a distinct advantage.

The beauty of a funded proposal is it allows you to generate leads of an exclusive quality that you can't buy from any lead company. With this type of system, you can create a front end profit margin that will shield you from what stops most network marketers in their tracks, which is running out of leads and marketing budget to keep their MLM business afloat for the long haul.

The two network marketing mentalities described above can tap into both styles using a funded proposal. Each type of marketer can utilize each type of recruiting preference.

Another advantage of a funded proposal is you have the ability to attract network marketers that are true leaders that want to provide true leverage to all that come after them. These are the very same network marketers that you can attract to your main MLM business that can explode the numbers in your downline beyond belief.

A funded proposal is not magic but it definitely bridges the gap between you finding the best quality prospects in an economically advantageous situation. This way you don't have to waste your valuable time sifting through hundreds of leads just to find the right ones.

Yes, the old method of networking is effective. It will always work but as time goes by you will find many of your prospects looking for a better and easier way to grow their MLM business. Even if they do join your main MLM business, you run the risk of them jumping ship especially if they know there is a way to leverage the incredible power of the Internet to promote a MLM company of equal caliber.

Network marketing is built on relationships. Your responsibility as a sponsor is to establish a good relationship with your prospects. There is no better way to do that than providing them the quickest, easiest and least resistant path to success and that is what a funded proposal does. A funded proposal is a smarter more leveraged solution than making poor use of your valuable time calling a bunch of leads or hosting home meetings.

Provide your prospects with a funded proposal to allow them to create high quality leads and a front end income. It is the exact system that many of them are probably looking for that can be effectively utilized to grow their network marketing business.

To learn more about funded proposals and how they can be used to effectively grow your MLM business at the push of a button, follow the link in my resource box now.
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