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Doorway and Feeder Pages That Explode Your Traffic (Part 1)

Aug 17, 2007
Doorway and Feeder pages can be immensely powerful in building a flow of traffic to your website. In particular, they attract TARGETED visitors that convert more readily to sales and subscribers.

It's important to see these pages as part of an overall marketing strategy, with all the elements working together towards attracting and channelling your target audience.

First, what is meant by doorway (or feeder) pages? In the sense that I'm using them, they are web pages especially designed to rank high in the search engines for a particular key word or phrase. I'm NOT including what is basically a blank page - without any useful content to the visitor - that redirects to another webpage. The doorway pages I'm describing here (and recommending) are content-rich and optimized for your chosen keywords.

They could be articles you've written yourself, modified Private Label articles, and even reprint articles that have been preceded by your own specially prepared, keyword rich, introduction.

It's tempting to see your website as the center of your particular universe. But the strategy I'm describing does NOT pack your website with doorway pages. Rather, I'm suggesting that you step back and see your main website as the star, or center, of your solar system.

Assume that your main website has been handling, say, 30 products related to the care of dogs. This could include Dog Training, Hunting With Dogs, Feeding Dogs, Health Care For Dogs, Breeding Dogs, etc.

The structure that I recommend you consider requires you to register a domain for each of the products that you sell, or for each major theme. For each of these you create a mini site for that product (or theme). This will contain a sales and ordering page. The ordering page will point back to your main website (where the sale is concluded). These mini sites form the planets of your system and they link to the center - the star.

Each of these mini sites is served by at least 5 doorway (or feeder) sites that contain the information rich pages referred to above. These can, for instance, be generated by programs such as Article Miner or Traffic Equalizer. The feeder pages, naturally, all point towards their related mini site. They form the satellites for the planets and link to them.

You provide useful information to the visitor, but the main purpose of the feeder sites is to direct traffic that has been received from the search engines to the planets, ie, to the mini sites, and finally to the star.

If designed properly, page ranking will also be passed forward, as will the links. By having numerous feeder sites that rank well with the search engines, you are creating valuable back links for those sites they link to. Just be sure that the linking is pointed one way - towards the planets and the star.

However, do note that mini sites are not highly regarded for ranking purposes by some of the search engines. If you are selling products on your mini sites, this can be acceptable. If you are aiming for free traffic that you want to funnel towards higher paying Adsense-type adverts on your main site - the star in your system - then you will want page ranking that can be passed on to the star (to atract more traffic). In this case, use a content-rich site for the planet, with ten or more Private Label articles on the topic of this site. Don't use articles with anyone else's outbound links. Save these for the satellites.

This article continues in Part 2 with important details about the structuring of doorway pages to provide them with the powerful search engine appeal that sends traffic streaming to your website. Both parts are available online.
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Ivan Kelly managed a Direct Mail business with extensive mailing lists for ten years and has designed and promoted many websites. The second part of this article can be read online at: Doorway Pages - Part 2
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