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Against Whom Do We Compete?

Aug 17, 2007
It is very popular to use tough and hard words in business life. Business warriors talk about competition AGAINST other companies, about market wars, price-wars etc.
The marketplace is called battlefield, where people use "strategies and tactics" leading
their troops to victories.

The vocabulary has been loaned directly from the army. Some phrases, like strategy and tactics, suit well into companies, but army has totally different culture. It is " top down"
lead organization. Modern companies are market-driven, customers have the final word.

Another huge difference is the culture: army is tough and simple( no feelings please ), companies are more emotions-driven, where human relations have the key role.

I donīt like " army style" in business. I see business rather as a game, like ice-hockey for instance.
In ice-hockey the coach and the players have the most important roles. They feel the game and will do the decisions.

Also home business owners are emotions and know-how driven. They must feel the market in the internet. They donīt compete against the market, they co-operate with the market.

They will change their products or services according to the market needs and promote on markets to where their customers have moved.

Running home business in the internet is not army-style operation but very sensitive and creative work.

This remark leads us to the core place of " competition ": it is inside our heads.

Ainīt it fantastic: the most important thing of home business success is located in our heads and it is totally in our own hands. What a responsibility!

We as home business owners are ourselvesīonly tools in the internet.
So letīs put this in praxis.

When I think of my typical working day in my home business and my major success factors, Iīll get the list of my competitors:

- did I plan my day yesterday?
- am I in a good shape mentally and physically?
- am I in a good mood now?
- do I follow the work-list ( if planned yesterday )?
- do I study my netbiz enough?
- do I eat healthy meals every day?
- do I train my physics enough?
- do I preserve my positive attitude?
- do I follow my lifeplan?
- did I read the Training Lessons of my affiliate program?
- do I read Personal Success Books regularly?

So, I believe stronly that the real chance in the internet is inside our heads.

Ok, should we study more " personal success " than internet marketing. Sounds odd but my answer is: YES.

I started to study this issue some fifteen years back from Brian Tracyīs books and that has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made. Before that I searched the reasons and solutions from outside world.

Now I am a home business owner, doing business mostly alone. Now I also understand very well that my mental condition must be in good shape. This is very important.
Good news is that we can train our mental condition along the same guidelines than, for instance, golf.

First we have to study the right methods from those " gurus " who have already reached
their success, then to train the right methods. And keep on training.

Professionals say that it takes from two to three weeks to learn a new, longterm habbit. I do agree.

But to spend two weeks in learning a new success factor is nothing. It is time well spent.
Ok, my message is that letīs start " mental training courses " and we all can improve our home businesses.
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