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Do You Market To Mr Internet?

Oct 25, 2007
If you are involved in the marketing efforts of a business, no matter how large or how small, you will discover that one of the most important avenues for you to investigate is the internet. Internet marketing is quickly becoming one of the largest and most powerful methods of communicating to your customers to let them know what you offer, and no company can afford to be ignorant of what internet marketing can do for them.

The first advantage that internet marketing has over conventional marketing is geography. If you are interested in conventional marketing, you will be making some very hard decisions as to what cities you want your ads placed in, or where you want your ad to broadcast. With internet marketing, you'll be able to reach an extremely wide and diverse audience without needing to make difficult decisions about where to focus your efforts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that internet marketing is one way to reach people when they want to be reached. Search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising and online service directories are all methods of advertising that tap into the fact that the people who will follow those links are already looking for your service or already interested in it. The main benefit is that your potential customers will be finding your website and be put in front of your product/service at the very time they are interested in it. Now with payments online your customers don't just have to stop there they can now purchase right then and whats more you will even be able to measure it. This is a main benefit with marketing online in that you can track and measure everything and the date is always current. On the other hand, many conventional methods of advertising are easy to ignore, like billboards, or downright invasive, like flyers.

When you use advertising campaigns like sending coupons to prospective customers, there is a very good chance that the majority of the mailings that you send will be thrown away; with this, you can see that you have wasted your own time and possibly irritated your prospective customer. These campaigns can also take allot of money to create and also will take a long time for you to be able to get the results to enable you to assess them. With a method such as internet marketing like an updated mailing list, you will find that people look forward to your email. Moreover, you can use this method to make sure that you have a good list of active customer and reward them with things like special coupons or deals. In this way, you can see that you can very easily build up a good rapport with your customer base.

When it comes to marketing, the internet is one venue that you cannot afford to pass up. In terms of return for the investment, and internet marketing plan is well worth the time and any money that you put into it.
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Ben Norman is the MD of UK search marketing company Impact Media Ltd, specialists in Managed Internet Marketing . Impact Media work with a wide range of businesses helping them to make more money from utilising the search engines natural & paid search
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