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The Purpose Of Your Resume Is To Get You Into The Job Interview

Oct 25, 2007
Are you hunting for a new or replacement job? First thing you will need to have or update your resume.

Many people are confused about the purpose of their resume. The resume does not get you a job. It gets you in the door to the interview. There most likely will be a number of other candidates for that new job that you want. Your competitors so to say.

The purpose of your resume is to advance you up the queue of the group so that you are in a primary position for that interview slot - and not some one else. Simple as that. If there were no other competitors for the job - say in the case of a major tropical storm or hurricane or if is a terrible job - say cleaning Lake Winnipeg blue green algae pond - you may very well be in the position of being the only one to walk in the door or apply.

Being you is the only candidate - you should be able to get the interview. Then you can present yourself properly as a suitable job candidate.

Simply put - any good job that you will want has competitors as well as you applying. You need a well done resume that appears professional in appearance.

There are several options. Hand done. Computer generated. Professional service. Remember as well that your resume can and will change over time. Firstly your resume needs to be tailored specifically for the job you are applying for. The resume you would submit for a senior car finance agent would be different and tailored in presentation than the same person applying for that job as a Lake Manitoba algae cleanup gardener. Same person, same work experience but different emphasis on the specific experience required for the job and specified in the job description and your research of the job, the firm and its preferences.

As well as you gain experience and additional skills over time your resume will need to be updated on a regular basis as well. It has been stated that 99 % of life is preparation. By having an up to date resume at a given time, you are prepared if that dream job just happens to fall in your path. Even if the resume needs to be custom tailored to a specific job or field, you already have in your hands a basic, up to date résumé which can be promptly modified. By having the raw material for this resume you are at least ˝ of the way up the river of preparation for that interview.

In terms of the actual writing of your resume you have a number of choices. Remember in life both first impressions and presentation often carries most of the weight.

The resume can be completed on paper by you. Next there are a number of computer software programs that will guide you throw the resume construction process and leave you with a finished product. These resume software programs are basically an advance fill in the blanks. The program will then generate a good all around, basic, acceptable resume.

Remember that in most cases - the good jobs that offer better pay and working conditions and are the start of a career. Or at least a step up for you will have no shortage of competitors. Your competitors will most likely be using the same software program to generate their resume as yourself. There are only so many different resume creation programs and most are fairly similar. Your resume will really not stand out - to get you to the head of the line for the interview.

It can be a very good investment to take your resume workup generated by the resume software product to an actual professional to either add the finishing touches or to rewrite for your specific target. Two factors come into play here. The new employer will spot the attention to detail, as compared to other generic resumes. Either of two very positive factors can come into play here. It usually happens that either the interview selector and the interviewer think that you are a genius who pays attention to detail or that you are a person who takes the interview process and the new job most seriously by taking the time and trouble to having the resume prepared professionally..

Either way the whole purpose of the exercise of preparing a resume is to get you into the door for the job employment interview.
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