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Extruded Aluminum Tubes And Other Aluminum Functions

Oct 25, 2007
Extruded Aluminum Tubes and Other Aluminum Functions

With the increase in the industries using extruded aluminum tubes, the demand likewise increased. The commercial places where these items can be bought consequently increased as well..Aluminum tubes are now common materials in most industries.

Aluminum tubes are used for different purposes. Different variations of aluminum tubes can be used. These metal forms are available in almost all sizes possible. They also differ in thickness and shape. Customized aluminum tubes are also available upon request.

One particular use of aluminum tubes is for a telescope. The use of aluminum makes this highly magnifying device lighter than its traditional versions. The aluminum body of this telescope can be coated for a glossier effect.

Telescope is just one of the many applications of an aluminum tube. Bicycles also make use of this metal tube. In fact, the entire body of most bicycles now is made from different sizes and forms of aluminum tubes. Racers would love to have this kind of bicycle because there will be no unnecessary dragging due to heavy weight.

Extruded aluminum tubes are the products of multiple processes and design implementations in aluminum in its raw form. Engineers carefully design different types of aluminum tubes. Designing these tubes is not about thinking a specific purpose for the tube. The design engineer need to be consider the wide range of applications an aluminum tube can be used.

Aluminum tubes being so popular may also be used to transport different materials and substances. Although this may entail unpleasant situations, it is all up to the discernment of the end user on how to properly use the product. And most of the time, aluminum tubes are used in a good way.

In the computer industry, aluminum also found its way to good use. Computers and other electronic devices have heat sinks to effectively dissipate the heat being generated by lots of data processing happening. These heat sinks are made of aluminum tubes. Aluminum is the best metal to use for this purpose because of its thermal properties and abilities.

Since aluminum is a good electrical conductor, aluminum also plays a role in the field of electricity. The electric wires running from one post to the other is made of aluminum which is then coated with an insulator. However, not all electric devices can accept aluminum wires. Some more improvements yet are needed to occur for aluminum wires to be widely accepted by most devices.

Twenty years gathering expertise

In business since 1986, Spectube spent 20 years developing and perfecting its expertise in the fabrication and transformation of aluminum products, drawn tubing and extrusions. Our expertise has been hard earned through professional training and equipment and technology upgrades, resulting in know-how that is unparalleled in North America.

Spectube was founded during a drive to diversify Canada's economy into the promising sectors of aluminum transformation. Production got underway in January 1987 at the company's current facilities. In 1994, Spectube began acquiring new equipment for transforming drawn and extruded aluminum tubes, aluminum extrusions, plate, etc. opening the door to new market niches and new expertise.

Today, this dynamic, rapidly growing firm, with facilities in both Chicoutimi, Quebec and Winton, North Carolina, is the only Canadian company with expertise in both cold-drawn aluminum tubing and aluminum processing. Our advanced production facilities, engineering knowledge and ability to innovate ensure superior products, designed to your specifications.

This dynamism is now called ALFINITI, reflecting the infinite possibilities of aluminum transformation, and our focus remains our customers' continued success.
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