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Strategies For Work At Home Business Novice Optimizer

Oct 25, 2007
The base for the whole technique are the keywords, they are those bites, which attract the web surfers and the search engine crawlers. However, I will concentrate the SEO assuming that you have selected the profitable keywords for your work at home business.

I think there are three strategies you should follow:
1.Pick very popular keyword for your work at home business website copy, even though it may not rank high. This keyword is important because the site visitors want to see it, it is familiar to them. Also the search engines recognize it for the future use. It is a base for the long term effect, which your new site benefit after you have added enough related, optimized content. So the ranking at the top place of a high demand keyword does not happen suddenly, but needs time, sometimes even months.

2.The high demand keyword needs more focused, niche keywords to draw the targeted traffic. They in a way limit the topic and the target audience and will influence on the smaller area and thus are better converters. It is also more difficult to rank high with the work at home, than with the work at home business, which has much lower amount of searches per day.

3. Search smaller niche markets, which others have not yet found out. This means that they have enough searches per day but the KEI figure is still high, which indicates that these keywords have not so much competition. This increases your chances dramatically. To be able to find them, you must do some extra work, but is worth that.

You can also use so called long tail keywords, which actually are the combinations of several keywords and phrases. The benefit of using these is, that they bring your site into several markets with only one work. And the long tail keywords are very focused and thus will convert better.

You have to use an effective software for the keyword picking, with a number of metrics to help your work. One of the key metrics is the KEI figure, because that shows you your chances: can I beat the competition with my site?

The best concept for the profitable result is to use a combination of a solid data and the human intelligence. The keyword research is not a simple one shot task.
You will achieve much more if you investigate the tools, think about what they tell you about people and develop your own ideas and methodologies, which you then use for your work at home business.

I do not recommend that you use keywords inside quotes, because they will limit the number of keyword combinations, which the search engine can recognize. The keyword "work at home" cannot utilize as much searches than work at home, without quotes, because if I write for instance: internet work at home business opportunity, there is several independent keywords and thus I will get better results.
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