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Aug 17, 2007
What if I could show you How To create wealth on-line in the next 24 hours?

Would you be interested?

Of course you would! After all, we'll all aspiring to that end result. However, the point of this article isto show you the advertising power of the word *HOW*.
The first question that you were presented with in this article demonstrates the power of the word *How*. Let's take look another again.

Just think about it for a moment. As on-line marketers we are all searching for answers to our on-line problems/questions. We're all seeking the *How To* to get the solutions to our specific situation.

The words "How To create" taken from that sentence are really what kept you reading. You just can't resist the combination of *How To*. It creates an irresistible trigger in your subconscious mind that you just can't resist.

Here's a little test that you can try out on your spouse. Walk right up to him/her and say "Let me show you *How To* do this." I'll bet you will get a reaction. Watch out though. It might not be the reaction that you were looking for!

Now here's the *Real Magic*. The word *How* becomes a real trigger when use in combination with other trigger words. The most powerful word in advertising of any kind is the word *you*. Here's the killer combination ("How You"). Man, that's powerful!

I was reading though a business opportunity magazine recently when I came across a full-page ad that caught my eye. Here are the *How* word combinations that were included in this one ad.

"Multi-Millionaire's 7-Step 'How-To' Success System"
"How To Make and Keep $1,000,000!"
"How You can use this proven..."
"How to use the awesome potential..."
"How You can take advantage....."
"How To turn product users......"
"Discover How You can use this...."

I'd bet he received a ton of responses from that ad alone. Power marketing requires powerful words and word combinations to be effective. Why not include these two trigger words in your web page headers, classified ads and headlines?

It's no great secret that you only have a few precious seconds to capture someone's attention with your written ad headlines, web page content or classified ads. As your prospects scan though your materials you must include trigger words or phrases that *catch* their attention. Once the *catch* is accomplished you
are then given an opportunity to drive home your message.

Using the *How You* word combination is perfect *bait* for creating that trigger that you need to hook them and "pull them in". It's personal (You) and also captivating (How). Use *How You* as a building block for creating all of your advertising materials. It's powerful and it works!

They just might increase your on-line profits though the roof!


The next time someone ask you a question,
just answer with the word *HOW?*.
About the Author
Jim Mack is the leading authority in teaching actual methods - proven, practical strategies that work. In fact, Jim truly lives the principles he teaches and is the epitome of leading by example. See him at http://www.whoisjimmack.com and http://www.bestpassivecashcow.com
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