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How Business Coaches Can Help Bridge The Transitional Gap

Oct 25, 2007
A coach can change the standard as well as the level of an individual's professional and personal set of skills, thinking patterns, attitude, values and beliefs. This change can help the client to perform in a better manner and gain a greater level of satisfaction at home or at work. On a fundamental level, coaching is all about the achievement of behavioral changes. In order to achieve such changes, it is essential to study the behavior, interaction and emotions of human beings. In short, it helps to have a good knowledge of psychology.

Business coaches usually get clients who are very success oriented and want to achieve more in business. So, it is important for every business coach to accomplish sustained as well as substantial behavioral changes in an individual and make use of certain psychological methods. In coaching, the process of change is related to psychology and demands the finesse and training of a special kind by the coach. A business coach should use proven processes and models of change from behavioral sciences, if he wants to succeed in helping adults change their behavior patterns and perform well at work. From the behavioral sciences perspective, there is nothing new regarding the use of models that are evidence proven or ways of changing behavior. A business coach needs to take the right decisions, always.

Business coaches are also referred to as change agents since they initiate an effort to change their clients for good. Their participation in this process can be seen in every step. Even though coaches are considered to be change agents, many coaches are just taught to assist clients in making changes due to which their clients fail to succeed in the transition process. Change is not only physical, but situational as well. An individual needs to pass a transition period for coming to terms with the new skills, learning patterns, situations and behavior. He or she needs to leave the past behind which is a time consuming process. If there is no guidance of a professional business coach during this period, then all effort towards change will go in vain.

The transition period is slow as compared to physical learning or change. Physical changes come first, when an individual moves to a new area and the psychological transition which is inward, happens slowly because the individual has to be in a state where there is nothing new or old. It is like a neutral zone, where the client has to spend a considerable amount of time. As a business coach, never start with a new beginning if you are not first done with the old.

Never avoid the endings and the neutral zone of your client because if you do not guide them, they will lose hope and confidence. You will have to make the client understand that he or she is being understood and heard. This is necessary because people who opt for coaching sessions usually have to wrestle with emotion problems that hinder them from moving ahead. Make sure that you address issues and questions about self-awareness, self-expression along with self-control.
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