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Global Outreach Through Secure Webconferencing

Oct 25, 2007
Once upon a time, we used to think of ourselves in terms of what went on in our own country as being very important. What went on in other countries was their own business. With differences in language, customs, and currency, our outlook was very provincial.

The computer and the internet has changed all that. Many of us are now multi-lingual, to where it matters not what languages we can read, speak, and write. Currency differences are becoming less formidable. We now have automatic currency converters resident on the web. and the emergence of the Eurodollar as a standardized currency in western Europe. The need to reach a global audience has never been more acute because business, commerce, and family relationships are based around the globe, not just based within a given country.

As an example, automobiles are made and assembled on a multi-country basis. A car sold in the USA will have parts and assemblies manufactured around the world. Another example growing like crazy is the establishment of customer service centers on a global basis that serve the US market.

How do we all get together to discuss problems and explore new business opportunities? The age of the jet plane and the frequent flyer is becoming history. It is just too expensive and too time consuming to fly any more, even throughout the country and definitely to world-wide destinations. Secure webconferencing could change the way we do world-wide business. It is time to see if your global communications needs are ready for the change.

Here are just a few of the outreach activities that demand a secure webconferencing utility:

1. Government Activiies

Government activities used to be confined to a single country. This is no longer the case. There are organizations such as the World Bank, the UN, NATO, and a host of others that operate on a multi-government level. These are the most expansive and extensive application areas of secure webconferencing.

Government organizations, particularly multi-national, have a frequent need to hold meetings of all kinds on a daily basis. This is typical of governments no matter where they are located in the world, and extends down to all levels of government - national or federal, state or provincial, county, and local.

In addition to meetings that occur at all levels, meetings also occur at cross-governmental levels as well. Meetings can take place that are hosted by a national government organizational unit and the attendees represent lower level units, or possibly non-governmental units, such as a consumer group, a corporation, or an educational unit.

2. Family Get Togethers

During World War II when Italy was fighting on the side of the Axis, a number of American aviators were shot down over Sicily and Southern Italy near Naples. Those that were taken prisoner by the Italians found something interesting. the welcome mat was out!!!
The Italians were so interested in making connections and building friendships with Americans living in Chicago, New Jersey, Syracuse NY, and Pittsburgh that they forgot they were in the middle of a war. That was way back in 1942. Since then, the world family has expanded beyond belief. In every country, there are people that have friends and relatives living all over the world. A family living in Rochester NY may have close friends and relatives living in Salerno and Naples, Italy, and many points located elsewhere around the world.

How can they stay in touch? The long distances and high costs of world travel make it impossible. So, they can do the next best thing. They set up an electronic "family room." The "family room" is always open. All a family member has to do is log on to the conference, and in three minutes or less, he or she is in the room along with all friends and relatives located all over the world. They can exchange their latest photographs, and even show videos of themselves to all family members.

The "family room" is almost like being there in person. Even friends and acquaintances can be invited in, no matter where they live. For example, look at these family events that can be displayed all over the planet. Here are some examples:

Julie living in Rochester NY just had twins. Her husband just took some awesome videos of her in the hospital. Through secure webconferencing, the whole family gets into the "family room" to see the new twins and have a celebration, no matter where they are living.

Sam just bought a new house in Oakland, New Jersey. With his video camera and a secure webconferencing resource, he takes the entire family on a tour of the whole house, especially the swimming pool and the basement rec room. Awesome !!!!!

Jeffery and Linda just got engaged. What better way is there for the whole families of both the engaged couple to get together and meet one another than over a "family room" or maybe more than one "family rooms"

These are just a few of the global outreach possibilities that has opened up the world and minimized the needs for travel. Can you think of other applications? They are as numerous as the stars at night. All you have to do is look.

3. Team Collaboration

Imagine this..you just found out you are to head up a proposal writing team. A leading research firm in Austria wants your firm to submit a proposal in three days to award you a contract. However, your proposal team is scattered all over the world. The technical gurus are located in Liverpool. The corporate credential management team is located in Birmingham, Alabama, in the USA. The government liaison specialist is located in Washington, DC. The cost and pricing specialists are located in San Francisco, California. If that were not enough, the technical publications / on line specialist is located in Oslo, Norway, and her assistant is located in Warsaw, Poland.

How in the world can you get this proposal team all together in the same room at the same time? The answer is, TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE !!! Your proposal has to be submitted in THREE DAYS.

Well, listen up. Your team can be assembled in ONE HOUR, ready to get to work. The cost to your consulting company is ZERO. Why is this possible? Secure Webconferencing is working to help your company make money. Your client in Austria has told you that if you get your proposal in to us, we will award you the contract.

You can assemble your team and have them work at this proposal on line, day and night. Your finished document will bear the work of all team contributors. Your technical publication specialist can have a copy ready to edit. Your cost and pricing can be reviewed against the tasks and methods and staffing you will show in your proposal.

How much have your expenses been? Enormous, if you had opted to use the airlines around the world to assemble your project proposal team. Probably not more than $200 if you had chosen secure webconferencing.

These are three of the multitude of global outreach applications that can be achieved through secure webconferencing. All it takes is a desire to cut enormous costs, a willing membership, and another application is launched. You can say good-bye to high airline fares and hotel bills.
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Bob Carper is a veteran information systems consultant with an MBA from Pitt. For additional information go to All About Webconferencing or My Power Mall. You may also e-mail Bob at robertcarper06@comcast.net
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