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Article Spinning Could Put Genuine Authors Out Of Business

Oct 25, 2007
Most Internet marketers are in full agreement about the value of writing articles for free distribution to article publishing directories.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of directories crying out for quality content and they will cheerfully allow unencumbered links in the author resource.

A quality article aims to inform and is not a sales pitch or a vehicle for direct affiliate links.

Writing a unique article from scratch can take many hours of research, grammar and spell checking. Before an article can be submitted, it will often need to be cleaned of special characters inserted by word processing software. In short; an ethical article author has to do some work and in most cases a LOT of very hard work.

I write unique articles and take pride in delivering content that enhances the Internet.

Each article takes a long time to write.

There's no shortcuts when composing an unique article.

Sadly, an overwhelming number of article authors have turned to so called high tech solutions.

A few years ago, modifying or republishing a Private License Article (PLA) was thought to be a quick and easy way to generate content. Most authors soon found it took as long, if not longer to modify a PLA article than write an unique article from scratch.

In recent months a whole new method of auto-generating hundreds of so called unique articles has begun to be marketed. Mainly the software is sold to lazy authors looking for shortcuts to avoid having to work and research individual articles.

Welcome to the World of Article Spinning

Essentially, article spinning software substitutes words or sentences using a base template article.

Example Sales Pitch:

Note: You will have to put effort into creating well-written professional articles. And then you will have to put effort into creating the synonym words and phrases that the software will use to spin or spool your article.

(The best way to get rich quick is to sell rubbish software - A very easy way to quickly get rich is to sucker someone who has a lot of money).

(Perhaps you've never thought of this solution, but other humans have, and it really works - Many mammals have used this solution to fix their money problems)!


Simple synonym word switch is probably the worst example of article spinning.

Example Synonym Word Switch Software

Synonyms are two words with the same meaning, like drink and swallow.

This can cause problems:

(The most popular drink in England is tea)

Changed to:

(The overwhelming regular swallow in England is tea)

This is also NONSENSE.


Quality articles that provide value usually solve a problem, provide a reader a link to where they can find information to solve a problem and explain why it is a good source to use, give the reader a fresh outlook on a particular topic, or just inform the reader about how to do something.

You will get much more traffic out of writing valuable content, with a link back to your site in the resource box, than by writing a few sales brochure paragraphs with a pitch as to why someone should use your product or service.


Publishing thousands of spun articles will not help you promote your products or services. Spun, Spooled or Synonym Word Switch will devalue your content and increase the likelihood of being banned from high profile article publishing directories.
About the Author
Ann Coveney is a freelance writer and part time school teacher. She can be hired to write articles on a wide range of topics. Ann also approves articles for publication at Liberated Press Releases where she un-spins and bans hundreds of articles and authors every week. http://www.liberated-press-releases.com
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