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How to Generate Sales with Squeeze Pages

Oct 25, 2007
The first rule of Internet marketing is simple: capture information! You want a name and email address for your visitors so you can follow-up with them. If you take your visitors straight to a sales page, the chances of converting those visitors into customers is extremely low. They are naturally skeptical of any sales messages they are exposed to and are therefore more likely to give you their name and email address on their first visit to you than they are to give you money.

So your first goal is to capture information, then ask your customers to buy from you. The way you capture information is with a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a basic web page that teases your visitors with the promise of receiving valuable information for free. All they have to do in exchange for that information is give you their name and email address.

They are raising their hand to say they are interested in what you have to offer. Once you get their attention, it's your job to convert them from subscribers to paying customers.

What do you need on a squeeze page to make it effective?

--An intriguing headline.

--Just enough information to capture interest.

--A subscription box: "For more information, please enter your name and email address."

--An ethical bribe such as a free report.

--A short description of how they will benefit from subscribing to your newsletter.

The subscription box should fit "above the fold" on your computer. In other words, visitors should not have to scroll down to find the box to subscribe. You only have a matter of seconds to grab their attention. If they have to do any work to find out what to do to get this information you're advertising, they'll move on to the next page.

Also, the only option on your squeeze page should be to subscribe to your newsletter. No links to other sites. No links to other pages within your site. No link to your "contact me" page. Give them only one option, and they will have only one choice: subscription!

If you are worried about losing potential customers by not taking them directly to your sales messages, don't. You want customers who are going to be with you for a while and people whom you can groom into hyper-responsive customers.

If a visitor isn't even willing to stick with you long enough to provide you with her name and email address, do you think she'll want to stay with your business for years to come? No!

Visitors who leave squeeze pages without taking action are not high potential lifetime value customers. Let them go and concentrate on converting those who do subscribe.

Once they fill in their contact information, they become a subscriber to your list. Now you have a chance to convert them with your email marketing campaign and on your redirect page that you take them to once they subscribe.
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