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Easy to Implement Copywriting Secrets

Oct 25, 2007
Other than a great product and a great offer, what do you need to convert subscribers into paying customers? Great copywriting!

Whether you write your own copy, hire someone to write it for you or use copywriting software, you need a basic understanding of what great copywriting looks and reads like. This is true in both the online world and the offline world. Good copywriting generates sales; great copywriting creates wealth.

Copywriting is simply salesmanship on paper. In a nutshell, copywriting is all about persuasion and motivating people to take action. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about your product, you can write great copy. Because at the core of all great copy is emotion. By using words to tap into people's emotions, you have the power to persuade them to buy from you. Ignore emotion and people will ignore you.

To keep your visitors from ignoring you, apply the following principles to any ad, sales letter or promotional material that you create:

1. Draw attention to your product by speaking to your readers' fears, problems and wants.

2. Include every single reason why the prospect should buy your product by focusing on the benefits (what's in it for them) rather than the features (what the product is).

3. Present facts and prove them, leaving no room for doubt.

4. Highlight your offer and stress the value of the product rather than the price.

5. Restate your benefits and provide an ironclad guarantee to reverse any risk the prospect may feel when buying the product.

6. ASK for the sale.

7. Make the ordering process as easy as possible.

8. Limit your use of exclamation points. Overuse of this punctuation mark detracts from your message and decreases your credibility.

9. Identify yourself and your company so your readers know exactly whom they are dealing with. Let them know you are real and the owner of a legitimate business. Post a picture of you and provide contact information.

10. Give your credentials and provide testimonials to establish yourself as an expert.

11. Utilize bulleted lists, especially when writing web copy. It allows for ease of reading and allows you to include lots of information in a concise, precise manner.

12. Keep your language simple and your tone direct. In other words, write the way you talk with your friends. Big, flowery words lose readers, most of whom read at a seventh grade level.

By following these tips, you are well on your way to converting a high percentage of your traffic into sales.
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