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Copywriting Conversion Secrets

Oct 25, 2007
Copywriting is basically you having a conversation with your prospects about who you are, how you can help him, what you offer and how he can get what you offer with zero risk on his part.

Remember to keep the conversation focused on your prospect. YOU is the most powerful word you can use within your copy. You are not writing about you; you are writing for your customer. You are talking with your customer.

Use the power of an intriguing headline to enter the conversation your customer is already having in his mind. What is he thinking? What is he scared of? What does he want?

The two greatest motivators are the fear of pain and the promise of pleasure. Avoiding pain is the greater of the two. If you have something that can help him avoid pain, let him know!

Once you have his attention, quickly introduce yourself as an expert so you can establish that all-important aspect of credibility. If he doesn't know who you are up front, he will remain skeptical as he reads. It's difficult to persuade skeptical readers to buy anything. Without trust, you can have no sales.

Continue your "conversation" with a big promise and a vivid mental picture of how he is going to benefit from your product. Be specific. The more specific you are, the more credible you are. Details equal trust.

If your reader had a chance to talk back to you, what objections would your reader have? List them all and provide solutions for each.

You also want to include all the benefits your product provides. Notice I said benefits, not features. Features are important, but benefits play to the emotions of your readers. Benefits show the reader what your product can do for him.

For instance, the feature of a drill would be it's speed, but the benefit would be the hole it can drill in the wall. The customer wants the hole. That's why he's buying the drill.

Once your customer is emotionally ready to purchase your product, restate the benefits and explain how much value he gets from buying your product. Now, ask for the sale. Ask your prospect to buy what you are selling, and sweeten the deal by adding some free bonuses.

Finally, include a guarantee that will show your prospect he has to risk nothing. Without a solid guarantee, the conversation that once seemed so promising is doomed to end with your customer abandoning your site for fear of losing his money. All you have to do is calm his fears by offering him his money back if he is not happy with your product. If you have a good product, you should stand behind it with a great guarantee.
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