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Order Form Secrets to Help You Sell More

Oct 25, 2007
When you get to the end of your sales letter, you might be tempted to think that the hard part is over, that the selling is done.

But that's not the case considering the foundation of your entire letter is the form that comes at the end. If you just throw something together here, you'll lose the sale you've worked so hard to gain.

And just because your order device comes at the end doesn't mean it's the last thing your prospect reads. As a matter of fact, it's often the first. He's read your headline and is interested in what you have to say. So to see if reading your sales letter is worth his time, he scrolls down to the end to read your offer.

Since he's reading your order device first, you better be sure to include the essential elements of your sales message:

-The Big Promise: the major benefit your product provides presented in an urgent statement to get the prospect to act now.

-The Benefits: ways your product or service will improve your prospect's life.

-The Offer: everything your prospect will get in return for giving you money.

-The Guarantee: the reason your prospect has nothing to risk or lose by trying your product.

-Purchase Options: show both the sale price and the regular price to show what a great deal the prospect is getting and how much he is saving by buying now.

-Payment Options: what forms of payment you accept (Paypal, credit cards, phone orders, etc.).

It only takes a few lines to summarize these points in your order device. Just remember to make ordering as easy as possible. One of the most important things to do is ask your prospect to respond right away. Without asking and implying a sense of urgency in the process, the prospect may think he can leave your site and come back some other time and not miss out on anything. And the chances that he will come back are slim to none.

After establishing a sense of urgency, it's time to ask your prospect to make a buying decision. You reinforce this decision by restating the main benefits and showing the prospect all the ways his life will be better once he commits to purchasing your product.

Once you revisit the emotional aspects of your sales message, you need to once again tap into the rational decision to buy by reintroducing your guarantee and reminding your prospect he is not risking his money. If he doesn't like what he gets, he can get his money back. To maximize effectiveness, design the order form to be simple, easy-to-read and easy to follow.
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