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Why Online Assistants Are So Helpful

Oct 26, 2007
Virtual Assistants refer to contractors who work for businesses from their own premises. They can be local to the business or part of a growing global workforce who provide services to small businesses and even larger companies in different locations across the world. For example, if you are located in London and wish to outsource a job, London secretarial and other online services are a viable option but so too are the broader global choices that are available to you.

Online Assistants even have their own association called The International Virtual Assistants Association is regularly being created at a national level. The benefits of this are that codes of conduct and guidelines for the profession are being developed and clients can locate providers who are able and willing to comply with these. Therefore, if you are in London and want to find a Virtual Assistant to do a job, London secretarial online providers can be located through national associations as well as simply by searching on local job auction sites.

One of the most obvious reasons to hire an online P.A. to do your work is that you will only be charged for the actual work they do, not for unproductive time as is the case for regular employees. If you are located in or on the outskirts of a large city such as London, then you probably already have experienced high charges for professional services and know that even for a small job, London secretarial services charge premium prices. By contrast, online Personal Assistants charge a range of prices and being able to tap into a global market can give you more choices and power to negotiate.

There are many ways in which you can utilise the services of a Virtual Assistant. Not everyone is as computer literate as they might like to think, so it can be very helpful to have experts on hand to help them achieve their goals. Computer scanning software allows the scanning of handwritten pages into your computer which can then be emailed to a Virtual Assistant to type (and edit if necessary). Recording software allows one to dictate letters and other text and save them as audio files which your online PA can download and type up for you. The beauty of this is that physical location doesn't matter. As long as your Assistant has compatible software, you can take advantage of online services to streamline your business.

Furthermore, online Assistants can provide services across a spectrum of areas not only secretarial. For example, you can obtain online services in graphic design, web design, copy writing, marketing and even bookkeeping. If you work for yourself in a major urban area such as wider London you can have a tough job. London secretarial online services are only one small option available to you. Be willing to consider all the ways you can use an online Personal Assistant to make your life easier.
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