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Work At Home Business Deserves Profitable Keywords In The Text

Oct 26, 2007
Before you go to fill your work at home business site with keywords, I ask you to read this article about how to place the keywords into your site.

1.It is important that you will use a high quality keyword selector, to be able to pick those keywords, where you can beat your competition. This is exptremely important, because without the software you can succeed only by accident and I do not believe in accidents.
First you have to select the main keyword and the socondary keyword for your work at home business site. Of course you will do this by picking them from a long list of related keywords.

2. Now you can write a title for your work at home business site using the main keyword and try to include the secondary keyword there too, still maintaining the good English level.It is important that the title length is not longer than 50 characters.

2.Your work at home business sites description tag should be persuasive, like a short ad, and include both the primary keyword and the secondary one. It should both encourage the reader and tell what the page is about. Truth well told! The ideal length should be around from 200 to 250 characters.

3.Your first paragraph is like a summary of the work at home business page copy and it should include both your primary and secondary keywords. I see that the first paragraph is like a short ad, an intro, which draws the reader into the copy. If you need some advice for this, just look at the daily paper and see how the professional journalists have done it.

4.Then you can plan the structure of your page. Write headlines, subheadlines and some ideas for the topic using the keywords. This gives you a picture of the whole page and wil help you in writing.

It also gives your mind a focus and limits your thoughts into the main issue and the quality of your writing will improve. You should also plan, which hyperlinks you will put and to where, what kind of images you will use and how you will use the internel links between the different work at home business pages. Remember that the linking text should use keyword also.

5. Try To Improve Your Copywriting Skills.
The keywords are important, but still they are majorily for the search engines and you will not write to search engines but to the potential customers. This means that the copy is not effective if it is only technically perfect, it must also be persuasive and make the desired action.

This task must be a part of your site plan. What you want that happens when a site visitor has landed into your page. How he will fall in love with something on the page and what is your call to action element? These are important isuues, which can solve the whole success of your work at home business site.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. I Have Collected Quite A Lot Of Information About The Search Engine Marketing, Which You Can Pick For Free For Your Own Work At Home Business.
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