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The Work At Home Business Has One Asset Above All Others, The Brand

Oct 26, 2007
The brand makes it possible to stand out from the crowd, from the huge amount of work at home business offerings and to offer something different in a special way. You see, it has been counted that a consumer sees about 5.000 different messages each day and many of them online. What a challenge!

Another valuable aspect of the brand is that it makes it easy for the consumer to choose a product or a work at home business from a big amount of choices. A brand means a secure, familiar choice, so the consumer knows that no big surprises are coming.

This means that maybe the most valuable benefit of the brand is that it is credible, the consumer knows what he gets. As a mater of facts the brand, which is not equal to product, is made of two elements: the promise to the consumer and the response, which the consumer gives after he has used the product. Both are essential but the second is the key to business success.

I argue that the most valuable thing in your work at home business is your own reputation, i.e. how others see you. I mean words, which other people use about you, when you are not present, how they describe you and your business.

So your reputation is how others see you. That is the truth, despite of the quality of the reputation. The good thing is that you can influence on it, because so have you done already so far. This influence will have a big influence on your work at home business, because actually we are not selling affiliate programs, we are selling our credibilities.

In the reputation building, or brand building, everything counts. Every customer contact, every forum post, every article and so on will build the brand, either upwards or downwards.

Lets take one example: imagine that you could start your work at home business again from scratch. You can now imagine, that you could be able to order the words others can use, when they speak about you, when your customers describe you to the prospective customers.
What would the words be: helpful, friendly, quick, professional, successful, active and sharing. Now you can pick the 3 of the list, which you have written and use them for your work at home business from this moment forward. Of course you do everything in your own way.

You see, we have many targets but the most important one is the reputation, the image, our consumer has about us. This leads to the most important question you can make. If you ask from your customer. "How likely would you recommend me and my work at home business to your friend, use scale from 1 to 10?"

You see, here are your real targets and here is your real market. It is located in the thoughts of the consumers, where the brand awareness and the reputation has a great value. You have to serve your customers so well, that the brand image is the best posible one.
One thing is important: all things you do, even the smallest ones, will affect on the reputation.

It is not true, that only the big issues, like SEO, has an influence. That is not so, because the consumer do not even see it. Everything counts, what your customer sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels when he or she interacts with you. From the first voice on the telephone to the final contact with the satisfied customer, you are building your work at home business brand in some way.

You can write right now the desired brand image, which you want to own in the consumers thoughts and make sure that evrything you do, will direct your work at home business towards that target.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Start Your Brand Building And Visit My Home Page To Pick A Useful Material, Which You Can Use For Your Own Work At Home Business.
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