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Achieve Excellence Through Customer Service Training

Oct 26, 2007
Customers have developed a great deal in recent years as they have become more aware of business practises, demand a high level of service and have more companies to choose who to buy from. This has led many organisations to separate themselves from their competition through excellent customer service, instead of using traditional methods, such as product development or diversification.

This makes perfect business sense as research has shown that it costs 6 times more to recruit a new customer compared with maintaining and building relationships with current customers. Whether an organisation is a huge internationally known corporation or a small company that operates in a niche market, the customer service that they both provide is key to their success.

This is because a strong customer service strategy

generates many benefits such as:
Enables strong relationships to be built
Easier to gain repeat business
Saves resources through maximising

opportunities with current clients

Improves an organisations image
Creates positive word-of-mouth
Opens doors with other organisations through recommendations.

Adds value to a product or service
Excellent customer service is hard to copy and be maintained by competitors

For an organisation to truly benefit from customer service the policies and attitudes need to exist throughout the whole organisation; in effect they need to be lived and breathed everyday and in every situation. Due to the importance of gaining a consistent approach, many organisations invest in customer service training heavily.

Customer service training initiatives are one of the most popular training areas in business. This strengthens how important organisations view customer service to be. Many topics exist under customer service, such as telephone skills, face-to-face, complaints handling, etc all of which are important areas. Different learning and development specialists have different approaches on how best to address each topic.

The best methods and topics depend on the external providers expertise, experience, and the organisations problem that they are tackling. Learning and development specialists are there to help organisations develop their employees, be it in leadership, equality and diversity, management, etc. Righttrack Consultancy has a vast experience in many training areas, including customer service.

One of their specialisms is working with organisations to create unique development programmes that make a real difference. They say the key to generating a strong customer focus approach in an organisation is to work together to change the perceptions and behaviour of employees.

A vital element to the success of a customer service training programme is getting employees to buy into the programme. A great way to do this is to make the programme fun and engaging and stay away from lecture based programmes as these hinder interaction. Elements of a development programme that encourages interaction include experiential events, role-plays, and the use of actors, all of which encourage discussion in a fun way.

Customer service is an interesting training subject and many organisations can benefit from sprucing up their current offering. This does not need to be a daunting experience, as learning and development specialists are there to use their expertise to help create a training programme that fulfils an organisations needs.
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Shaun Parker is an expert on customer services training. To find out more see http://www.righttrackconsultancy.co.uk
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