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Secrets To Shopping Online Without The Risk Of Getting Conned On Ebay!

Oct 26, 2007
From its inception to date, the world wide web has become an exciting avenue for trade and retail. Almost every retail brand has an online store where shoppers can browse through catalogs in their pajamas and buy products instantly. Now, even groceries can be bought online. The convenience that the internet offers is certainly alluring, especially to stay-at-home mums who may not be able to leave the house easily.

Online stores of retailers are not the only place for first-hand goods. Enterprising people have seen the opportunity for trade in the internet and are cashing in on it. These entrepreneurs buy products from wholesalers and sell them on the internet for a profit. Internet sites like E-bay and Yahoo are the more popular places where they trade. While some of these sellers are good, honest people, many people have experienced getting conned on E-bay. The worst thing is that they cannot do anything about it because it may be impossible to track the seller. The only way around this is to prevent it from happening. How then, can one shop online without having to risk getting conned on E-bay?

1) If you must shop at E-bay, make sure the seller has a high credibility rating, attested to by many people. Most importantly, verify that the seller has a valid registered correspondence/company address. Many con sellers provide fake addresses that don't even exist!

2) Shop at reputable websites such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc. Also, check the store ratings or reviews by other customers. If you're still not sure, buy a cheap item to test it out first

3) Visit online shopping forums such as to read what others have to say about certain stores, recommendations, cautions, etc.

4) Join a wholesale club.These provide you with valuable wholesaler lists which cannot be obtained easily. You get to save on your purchases too as you are buying items at wholesale prices. Get a group of friends together to maximize your membership.

When shopping online, do also compare prices as some sites may offer lower prices than others. However, do be wary of ridiculously cheap items as they are very likely to be either fakes or from a con seller who will not even deliver the goods. Do also take note of shipping charges as this can inflate your shopping costs considerably. Some shops offer free shipping above a certain purchase price. If the shop is reputable, it might be worth it to accumulate your shopping before you get it shipped.

Last but not least, exercise good common sense. If something does not feel right, or seems too good to be true, it probably is! Happy shopping!
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Estevan Mark and his friends are shopping junkies who recently discovered the secret world of wholesale shopping . Now they buy genuine Hugo Boss and Gucci at 70% off retail. Their friends all think they won the lottery.
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