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Web Based CRM Software - Thinking Of Deploying CRM Software At Your Website?

Oct 26, 2007
Thinking of deploying CRM software at your website? Even if you like the idea, you might be holding back by thoughts of: getting your customers to adjust to a change, going through the learning curve, modifying your website to accommodate the new tool and finally the price.

The good news is that you can easily overlook these issues by selecting a web based CRM software solution. Like most web-based systems, installation procedures for these solutions take less than five minutes while configuration procedures take less than an hour. This is because apart from your web browser no client software is required.

Most employed people and IT users are already familiar with filling online forms and net surfing, which is mostly what operating web-based systems involve. The learning curve and change adjustment is thus reduced drastically. The added advantage of such systems is that you, your customers and your personnel can access the CRM software from any location, any time and from any computer.

Most CRM systems can intrinsically manage multiple access of the same information by users and therefore are preferable to email-based systems. CRM software solutions allow a customer transaction to be assigned to one or more person as per the sales, service or marketing process and only those designated people can work on these transactions.

As an administrator, you can display information from the recorded history of transactions made by a customer using a CRM solution. This will help you provide a customized quick response to your customer. A customer can also do the same to view the status of his or her orders and can also use other information such as stock status and real-time prices to place orders with accurate and up-to-date information.

A web based CRM software solution provides FAQ and knowledge bases to customers to support its collaborative CRM functions. This enables customers to obtain information and solve their problems independently without taking much time.

The problems and information that cannot be solved or obtained in this way can always be logged in through the ticket system or sent through email. The software provides support to your call centers by coordinating customer requests with the assistance provided by service and sales representatives. Your marketing strategies, decisions and campaigns can also be driven by the knowledge base built by the CRM software over time. Thus CRM software assists you in sales, service and marketing functions of your organization.

If you are concerned about the cost, you can try free web based CRM software solutions such as FreeCRM from CRM ASP. If the free version works for you and your database outgrows its small size, you can always upgrade to its commercial professional version. This version is also attractive because it is one of the most economical solutions available in the market. Being a web based solution, you do not need to invest in expensive infrastructure to deploy or test your CRM solution.
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