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5 Common Paid Survey Mistakes People Make

Oct 26, 2007
What are the biggest mistakes people make when applying for paid surveys? The industry has received a bad rap in many circles mainly because of a few unscrupulous operators however, it still remains as one of the few genuine opportunities for people to add some extra income to their bottom line every month.

One of the attractions of the paid survey arena is it's promise of making easy money. People are obsessed with earning a fast busk and more to the point, earning it for very little work.

Yes, paid surveys offer you the opportunity to earn money for little work but for newcomers to the business, negotiating their way through the legitimate opportunities is like attempting to safely walk through a minefield.

Believe it or not, being successful in paid surveys does require work and it's not just a "walk in the park." The nature of the work is easy but maintaining a constant stream of opportunities filtering through to you can take a little doing.

Five Paid Survey Mistakes

So let's look at some of the biggest mistakes you can make when searching for survey opportunities:

1. The number one mistake people make is they don't do enough research. In many cases, they're blinded by the guarantee of instant wealth and this is a definite no no. You know how it works, if it's too good to be true then it probably is.

2. Paying for a list of survey sites when the information is generally freely available. It's amazing to think you need to part with a fee before you can go to work. But people are falling for this every day.

3. Part of your research criteria should be checking as many reviews as you possibly can. Again, this seems to be an obstacle for those looking for a quick buck. The online survey forums are the best source of information on the various number of opportunities out there. You should use them.

4. Giving away your personal information is like giving those with less than desirable intentions the keys to your castle. Jealously guard your private information and only provide the bare minimum. Most times, your details are being sought so you can end up on the lists of those soliciting offers and before very long, your inbox will be inundated with spam.

5. Attempting to make a big income by just completing the occasional survey will not help you make that mortgage payment this month. When you find a good range of paid survey sites, sign on with as many companies as you can. Those earning good money in this industry are working reasonably hard, despite the fact that this business is supposed to offer paid jobs for little work.
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