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How To Build A Successful Renegade Network Marketing System

Oct 26, 2007
Many network marketing systems are run along the same lines...find people willing to listen to your offer and then plug them into your company's system.

There is no rocket science to this process and many have experienced good to medium success doing this. The problem with many of these is there are limitations to the extent of success one can experience implementing them and many distributors tend to "hit a brick wall" at some stage during their growth phase.

In fact, this brick wall will often present itself very early on in a network marketer's career and ultimately, they'll begin to look for other opportunities and leave the company. This has contributed to a high attrition rate within the industry which has given it a bad rap.

The secret... build a system within a system. Provided one can play within the company's strict rules and regulations then the opportunities are increased in building a successful business.

The Renegade Network Marketer

A good example of a successful network marketing system in recent times is the Renegade program. Author Ann Sieg became frustrated with the old outdated methods of prospecting which have existed in the MLM business since it began.

Ann set out to find a legitimate way to attract targeted prospects into her funnel and found the answer by merging both online tactics with those used offline.

The major problem for network marketers in this business is trying to stay out of the red financially during the first year of operation. Finding a way to earn money on the front end while building your business is not easy but the answer came in the form of creating something of value for prospects during the initial lead targeting phase.

The idea of applying an affiliate-based program within an MLM program seemed a little ambitious but the Renegade system has proven that it does work and is proving successful.

It hasn't resonated too well with old school MLM'ers and has created some animosity within the industry however, surviving the first few months of any network marketing system is the key for any distributor to build a strong enough foundation to launch a successful business.

Cash flow in the initial stages will at least give a distributor the heart to continue without joining the massive number of network marketers who end up on the scrap heap during the first days. It takes time to build a successful MLM business and contrary to what many are led to believe, it also takes money!
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