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The 5 Laws Of Writing Network Marketing Blogs

Oct 26, 2007
If you are not writing blogs you are doing your network marketing business and your bank account a disservice. As an entrepreneur one of the greatest tools you have is the Internet.

Marketing methods such as blogs, allow marketers to speak to people anywhere on the web. In the old MLM business model most marketing had to be done within your geographic area by chasing people down the street like a sleazy salesman.

From Google ad words, to e-mail marketing there is simply no better automated, cost effective way of marketing your business and making money than writing blogs. Period.

Writing network marketing blogs is like any other marketing method, you have to learn how to do it properly or it is simply useless and a waste of your time. Therefore, you need to know the 5 laws of network marketing blogs in order to drive traffic to your blog, your website and to make money.

Network Marketing Blog Law #1

Offer value to your readers. People will only read your blog if you have valuable information to give to them that is written in an interesting way. You don't have to be a miracle man for them, but you need to make sure that you have something of value that you are offering because it is the only way people will read it.

Network Marketing Blog Law #2

Make sure your blog sticks to their brain. In other words, make them remember in it in one way or another.

You can do this several ways. One is using the first law and give people enough value to want to read what you have out next time. Second is to design your blog with a catchy, unique appropriate theme that they like and can't forget. Another is to add an opt-in web form so you can capture a reader's email address. Then you can develop a relationship with them by sending them your newsletter or other e-mail marketing content.

Network Marketing Blog Law #3

Make it real. Don't over stuff keywords and ads into your blog. Search engines and readers do not enjoy this optimization technique. You can achieve the best long-term rankings with the search engines by writing good content laden blogs.

Network Marketing Blog Law #4

Research the market that you intend to blog to. When you blog you have to select different niche markets that you want the blog released to. Remember that marketing is all about getting what you have in front of the right people, not the most people. Blogging is not any different.

Network Marketing Blog Law #5

Do not let your blog sit around. It does not look good when your blog disappears, you will gradually lose all traffic to your blogs and your websites. Keep up with your blogs and try to submit one for each website you are marketing at least once a month. Once a week, or daily are the best options, but it all depends on the amount of time you want to spend blogging and how much traffic you are trying to get.

As you can see, network marketing blogs are an important Internet marketing tool to master. They can drive you a lot of free, targeted traffic from all over the net, and you can get ranked with the search engines by having back-links all over the Internet. Just remember to follow the five laws of blogging if you wish to maximize your profits.
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From waiting tables to millionaire at 29, Mike Dillard, is a professional marketer who has taught over 100,000 entrepreneurs from around the world how to tap into the power of his attraction marketing techniques. Sign up for his free on-line boot camp at: BuildYourOwnMLM.com
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