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Acrylic Convex Driveway Safety Mirrors

Oct 26, 2007
One of the most important aspects of ensuring a safety culture in your workplace is to make sure that employees are provided with every possible feature required to minimize the risk of them being involved in any accidents. One of the most common causes of accidents is a person being unable to see where they are going, and then running into another person. This kind of accident is most dangerous when vehicles such as fork lift trucks are involved, so ensuring that drivers are fully aware of what is going on around them is key to preventing accidents happening. By installing acrylic convex driveway safety mirrors where appropriate, you can provide forklift drivers and other members of staff with a way of seeing around corners, and this will help to reduce the incidence of accidents.

Acrylic convex driveway safety mirrors are a simple, but very effective way of giving staff information about potential dangers, and provide a manager with a very cost effective way of reducing accidents and lowering any potential liability to workplace claims for personal injury.

Acrylic convex driveway safety mirrors work by providing a very wide angle view of an area that literally allows your staff to see around corners. They should be positioned wherever there is a blind corner, and staff should be aware of the need to pay attention to them. Provided that the mirrors are placed with a good unimpaired view and the convex shape of the mirror will reflect whatever is coming around the corner, and give staff a warning to allow them to slow down.

There are a number of different sizes of acrylic convex driveway safety mirrors available, and these are designed to fulfill different purposes depending on where they are placed.

Smaller 12 inch diameter mirrors are generally best for use in an office type workplace, and for the best possible results, should be mounted at ceiling level on a bend in the corner of a corridor where people walking will be able to see what is happening elsewhere to avoid walking into someone.

Larger mirrors are available in a wide range of sizes up to a massive 30 inches in diameter, and these are perfect for a number of different purposes. Medium sized acrylic convex driveway safety mirrors are suitable for use in a shop or store, where they can act as a security device, allowing counter staff to see otherwise concealed areas, and prevent thefts, while very large mirrors are suitable for outdoor mounting. If the driveway into your home or workplace is concealed, and the view either side is restricted, then fitting a mirror on the other side of the road will allow for an unrestricted view that will allow you to see oncoming vehicles without having to inch out into the road and risk collision.

Thanks to their hard wearing Acrylic construction, these convex mirrors are waterproof and suitable for use both outdoors and in, and will not shatter if they are accidentally bumped or knocked from their position.
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