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Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Oct 27, 2007
When you are building a website or already have one you strive to improve you search engine ranking. This basically means you want your website to be listed on the first couple of pages that appear when someone is searching for something related to your site. This can be a very difficult feat, but it is far from impossible. You just need to work a little in order to get your site noticed and become more popular.

One of the first things you need to work on is how many links you have through out the web. You may have a great website, but if you don't advertise it, how will people know to come to it. You should place links with as many other websites and through e-mails as you can. A way to build your link popularity is to write an article to go with your link. When you write an article, you are providing key enriched content to those who you want to post your link, as well as, building up the content of your site.

Search engines will see that you are getting a lot of traffic through your links and you will get a better rank, plus, you can submit your articles to the search engines, this will also increase your rank because your site will have more content.

The design of your website has a huge impact on how you are ranked. To improve your search engine rankings you need to be sure your website is web search user friendly.

You need to make your site user friendly, you don't need to use things that are slow to load, people want sites to be really fast. Make things easy to see and read and check the spelling on your site. If you make your site user friendly then you will improve your search engine ranking.

You should pay close attention to your heading. If you have a bad heading then less people are likely to visit your site, in turn hurting your rankings. So, when you think about it, an eye catching heading that draws visitors to your website will improve your ranking.

A simple, but, compelling heading will not only tell the search engine about your website, it will attract anyone who is searching for your particular content. A good heading will improve search engine rankings.
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