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How To Fix A Broken Lead Generation Program

Oct 28, 2007
I like computers. Really, I do. But there are times when they (like any technologically sophisticated object) can confound. When they aren't working the way we expect them to--or more often, the way we want them to--we have to work to figure out if it is broken, if there is a temporary glitch, or if we are simply doing something wrong.

Your sales lead generation efforts face the same issues. There are many factors that go into your lead generation process and, when it isn't working well, it can be a challenge to figure out where the problem lies. For the next few posts, we'll be looking at what might be happening in a lead generation breakdown, and what you can do to fix it.

There are 3 basic component parts to a lead generation program, and one or all of these items can breakdown. Let's look first at the individual parts: The lead generator, the contact list and the program script.

The lead generator is, in a word, you (or perhaps me). The person actively working to generate sales leads is, not surprisingly, a major factor in your generation efforts. Your style, professionalism, attitude, procedures and even the tone of your voice can all affect lead generation.

The contact list is another major factor. In essence, your contact list is going to be filled with people who use the sort of products or services you are selling, so it is, in essence, all about trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. You could vey well be preaching to the choir. Then again, you could be preaching to a gaggle of circus clowns, or a tank full of exotic tropical fish. Either way, your message is hitting the wrong crowd and you're wasting your breath. Time to reboot.

Finally, the program script is your conversation with the sales prospect. It involves the content, marketing, lead qualification and your ability to pull all of these things together in a logical, short and very concise presentation. If you're a great lead generator and your contact list is spot on, then chances are good that your words are missing the mark. It could be your delivery, the order of your presentation of key points...or maybe the words themselves just aren't right. There is a loose connection somewhere, and your message just isn't getting through.

To get a lead generation program working all of these components must work together seamlessly.

So how do you know when your lead generation program is broken? This is actually the easy part: you are not producing leads at all, your system is broken. Like a crash site, it is a barren wasteland with scarred and charred earth. It's pretty hard to miss. If it's not completely broken, things get a little trickier. If it needs just repairs then you may be producing leads, but of suspect quality. Or you might be generating quality leads, but just at a trickle...a few here and a few there.

In any of these scenarios, the problem could be with any (or even all) of the components we have identified. The trick is identifying the weak link (or links) in your program. Once you can do that, fixing the problem is usually a pretty straightforward affair. Replace or repair the part in question, you your program will be operating smoothly in no time. In our next posts we will be looking at typical sources of problems in lead generation programs, and how to fix them.
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Al Davidson is the President and Owner of SSM ( Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc. http://www.manageyourleads.com ), which he founded in 1989. SSM has completed over 50 million cold calls to high level business decision makers and generated over 7 million sales leads.
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