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Secret Lottery Winning Tips

Aug 17, 2007
Don't think lucky. Think smart. Some of these tips may seem obvious at first sight, but I bet you've made some of these common mistakes at one time or another.

1. You've got to be in it to win it - OK, that's not much of a secret, but it's amazing how many people forget to enter, arrive at the terminal too late, go on holiday, or it's too cold to go out - and a whole host of other reasons. The best way to ensure continuity of entries is to join an automated system.

2. Make sure you claim all winnings, even the smallest. You wouldn't believe winners would fail to claim even a tenner, but they do, and doesn't your heart just ache when you hear about the thousands of pounds that go unclaimed. What was the story behind it? Did the dog eat the ticket, was it lost? Imagine the heart-ache of knowing your regular set of numbers was the winner, but you couldn't find the ticket. Again, a centralised automated system will do all this for you.

3. Choose your numbers carefully - on my website you'll find a free article on the secrets of choosing your Lottery numbers.

4. To maximise your winnings - you need to maximise the number of lines you buy. But this needn't be as expensive as you'd first think.

5. The most economical way to maximise your number of lines is in a syndicate. But it's got to be the right syndicate! It's a common misconception that playing in a syndicate will reduce your winnings because they're shared out. In the syndicate I joined, you will always win more than if you were playing alone. Steve says: "I played the same numbers with the UK National Lotto and with your system. With the UK National Lotto I won 57, with your system I won over 7,000". However there are many, many syndicates! Which was Steve in? Find out on my website!

6. Running a syndicate is hard work if you "do-it-yourself". Finding enough members to have a significantly better chance of winning, chasing them for money every week, replacing drop-outs, buying tickets, and dividing the winnings. Save yourself this hassle - automate it! Visit my website.

7. Spread your net wider - our syndicates have a 702% better chance of winning the UK National Lotto Jackpot - and an amazing 3,600% better chance of winning the EuroMillions Jackpot. If you're not regularly entering BOTH, you're missing out.

I hope you've found food for thought in those simple pointers. But that's just the beginning - there's far more that I haven't had room to tell you:

For instance - how I receive a cheque every month from my Lottery participation, win or lose, and how it costs me nothing to enter! For the secrets the Lottery companies don't want publishing, visit my website where you can receive more, in-depth, articles - COMPLETELY free of charge and with no obligation.
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Joy Healey, the author, enjoys regular lottery payouts, and you can too - find out how on the website below. While you're there, enter my free competition to win ONE THOUSAND POUNDS.
The secret the Lottery companies don't want you to know.
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