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Become A Millionaire With Internet Home Business?

Aug 17, 2007
One of the secrets these millionaires have is to believe themselves and set their targets high. It is simple: high targets - high results, low targets - low results. The more one earns the more confidence he has that he can earn double that amount or even triple. Or almost whatever.

To build mailing lists of over million people, millions of hits on your website and marketing high end products are the three tools that are making internet millionaires. It doesn't hurt to come up with a unique idea, like software to create instant communication
access to board members and company officials.

Brainstorming and discussions with other people, who have already made their millions is a great way to pick their methods, find out how they started and what they did to keep going. Read eBooks of these people: they have been there and done that. Donīt try to invent the wheel again. The internet has the possibility to reach millions of potential customers and making you a millionaire. So the market is there, it is up to you.

These are basic steps to help you start making the money you've only dreamed of.
1. Decide what niche you are going to market to and create your website. Give something for free. Right, free, but require them to sign up to your newsletter to receive it.
2. Answer quickly when your visitor signs up.

3. Send some new quality information to the new subscriber, which will help him in order to make a buying decision. Promote a product of your own or an affiliates. Your own product normally has better commission.

4. Promote your website constantly and continue to add subscribers to your list.

5. Create a newsletter that goes out every week. Remember this is going to your niche market so be sure to include quality information and earn the trust of your visitor list.
6. Offer them a sales pitch, this is business, don't be afraid to sell something!

Using these six simple steps, you too can start a project to make millions on the internet. Find your market niche and start your marketing campaign today. And keep it simple. Only simple things work in a complicated markets. Your home business must be everyday-looking.

That was an " advertising process way " to brainstorm ideas. Another way is to look at the challenge from the market angle. Every home business needs a lot of targeted traffic. But there must already be masses of hungry buyers somewhere in the internet?
Yes! This was the right question. The place is called eBay.

Look at these facts about eBay
- $ 1.000 sales per second and $ 86 million per day every single day
- 2 million people visit eBay daily
- visitor spends 2 hours in average at eBay
- eBay has 147 million registered members
- 75 % of eBay users earn more than $ 50.000 per year

These figures are huge and make eBay the worlds biggest auction site.

If you really want to make big money, this is your market. The market is there, so the question is: what to offer and how? In order to sell at eBay, you donīt even need a website, only a product, logistics, ads and payment system. When the market is this huge, you must find a narrow niche and your own personal way to promote your product. And remember, in many cases the product itself finds itīs niche.

Read books, pick information from search engines and study carefully the eBay process before you enter eBay. In order to help you, I listed the steps of an eBay project, which you can use for your entry into eBay:

First: make your decision about what to sell
Second: take a digital picture of your item
Third: open a free eBay account
Fourth: put your item up for auction
Fifth: watch the bids and collect your money

One true life example: Business Week ( April 3, 2006 ) has a good article about eBay in Europe. It tells about a 56 year old man called Otto, who sells skates, skies, snowboards and other sporting goods through eBay alone with sales of $ 1.8 million annually. So it is not only music and digiproducts for teenagers but all kind of everyday items people need.

The eBay auction site is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial sectors in Europe. The eBay Store has alone in Germany 20 million registered users ( 25 % of the whole population ) and there is 64.000 entrepreneurs in Germany of whom 21 % earn their income from eBay.
The answer to the question in the headline is: yes.
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I am Juhani Tontti, a professional NetBizMarketer with a passion to co-operate with other NetBizMarketers. Take a look at my eBay page at http://www.auctiontips.com/t.cgi/870542.
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