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MLM Training - Are You Setting People Up To Fail

Oct 28, 2007
Have you ever been to one of those MLM meetings or on one of those conference calls where everybody says how easy it is to make money in their MLM opportunity? Anybody can do this and we'll all be making a fortune in no time!

Have you ever stopped to realize that all you're doing when you say those things is setting people up to fail? When your new excited person experiences rejection and it isn't easy for them, they feel like they must be the problem.

It's working for everybody else, there must be something wrong with me.

I knew I wasn't a good salesperson.

I knew I couldn't do it, I've never been good at anything in my life.

We are destroying people that could become very successful by giving them unrealistic expectations. NO wonder so many people think MLM is a scam. When your new prospect joins your MLM opportunity and all they do is struggle, they think it's their fault!

How do you avoid "destroying" your new team members?

Realistic expectations.

Make sure they know that MLM can and will change their life, but that success doesn't happen overnight. Sit down with them and make sure that they know that they won't be rich in a month, but if they work their business consistently they can achieve the life changing success they desire.

Less than 1% of all multi level marketers ever achieve a 6 figure income. We could debate that figure all day long, maybe it's too high or maybe it's too low, but whatever the figure really is many people hate it when somebody talks about it.

Why? Because if they are one of the many people that hype MLM as their way of doing business they certainly don't want you to hear something as alarming as that.

We've been fortunate to have been successful in MLM for a decade now and we know the truth about MLM. Sorry, we forgot to mention that we were gigantic failures in every other MLM company we had ever been in.

So how did we become the former mlm loser?

Realistic expectations! This time we knew that it wasn't going to happen overnight. Nothing like a few failures to get you grounded!

This time we knew we were going to have to get better, we were going to have to grow and we were going to have to stay in a company longer than a few weeks to have real, life changing, long term MLM success.

What would have happened if we had been told the real truth about MLM before? Instead of thinking that all we would have to do is talk to a few people, we would have known that there was more to it than that.

Most people just aren't prepared properly to succeed in MLM. They could be, but we get them so high on hype that when they come down from that high the only thing left to do is quit.

Shouldn't you be discouraged that only 1% (if those figures are correct) of the people that join MLM opportunities ever make it to a six figure income?

NO you shouldn't and here's why, 70% of the people that start an MLM business will quit without doing much of anything. That's right 7 out of 10 people are going to quit in a few days, weeks or months.

Why should that make me feel good? You are absolutely in control of your life in MLM. If you will just stay in the game you can have tremendous success.

Every other MLM opportunity that we became involved in we were in the 70% of the people who quit. If you just stay in your company more than a few weeks your odds have now improved to a 1 in 30 shot at making $100,000 a year!

Staying in the business isn't enough, now it's time to realize that MLM is the greatest chance you will ever have at a better life than you're living right now. Get serious! Find a mentor, somebody that has already accomplished what you want to accomplish, and listen to him or her.

Do what your mentor says to do and ignore all the negative influences in your life!

MLM isn't for everybody. Some people are willing to give up the possibility of a much better life because they failed once, or even twice in MLM.

That just makes you normal! None of our friends who earn substantial money in MLM were successful in all the other things they were involved in. So what? That doesn't mean that you can't make it this time.

Tell people the real truth about MLM. There are no overnight MLM success stories but if you have realistic expectations and go to work, you'll be amazed at the success you will enjoy for the rest of your life.
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