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How To Use Article Marketing To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Oct 29, 2007
Article marketing is the latest wave to hit the online marketing scene. This inexpensive and high impact tool is also great for all your affiliate marketing purposes. You can create compelling and interesting content which revolves around your affiliate marketing products.

Good copywriting

Good sales copy never fails to impress. So whether it is a cosmetic line you're trying to promote or the latest automobile in town - by writing good sales copy you stand to attract more customers to your affiliate site. The trick is to keep the writing simple, direct and concise. Avoid flattery and puffery as these just put customers off. Make sure to inculcate all the unique selling points about the product in your article. Also make sure to proofread your article before you submit it. An article with grammatical and punctuation errors provides an unprofessional and unpolished perception to your brand image. It also affects your credibility and reputation online.


By writing articles you can easily reach out to a vast audience. It's because articles get circulated across diverse media and sites. Thus your affiliate program can be propagated easily to a vast market segment. Also nowadays there are scores of article directories which accept free article submissions. That way you don't have to pay anything and yet gain access to large traffic volumes online.

Theme based content

Your articles need to revolve around the theme and concept of your affiliate products. So if you are promoting a cosmetic line, you could write on topics of interest like 'Secrets to flawless makeup revealed' or 'How to conceal blemishes effectively' etc. If you are trying to promote a real estate company, you could write travel guides which talk about the particular place as a popular tourist destination. Or you could describe why accommodations in that specific area are good in terms of real estate investment purposes.


Ensure that your articles are all neutral toned and have lots of information. Customers get easily put off when they read an article which tries to hard sell a product. It's because they would have read so many of such articles, that now they are immune to such selling efforts. Instead educate them about a subject, or provide them with useful tips and how-tos - and customers are sure to lap up all the information you give them!

Keep it subtle

While trying to promote your affiliate products through article marketing, you want to keep the tone subtle. Throughout the article you need to remain unbiased towards the topic and concept without being partial to the product you are promoting. You could embed links into your article in order to spread the word about your affiliate merchant site, while also not being too obvious about selling.

Product reviews

Product reviews remain a great way to influence public opinion. You could have unbiased, neutral reviews of all your products based on the particular category. So if it's cameras you are trying to promote, you could distinguish the unique features of each camera in a neutral manner. That way you don't showcase yourself as a hard selling promotional person.

Subject matter expert

One of the great things about article marketing is the kind of authority it provides you. By writing articles on a particular subject with time you will find that people tend to perceive you as a subject matter expert. What this means, is that they will turn to you for advice and recommendation once they see you churning out high quality, informative content. Very soon, it may come to the point that anything you refer or recommend gets taken at face value. This way you can influence customers to purchase your affiliate products without having to actually persuade them.

Lack of capital

If you are just starting out with your affiliate marketing program and don't have sufficient funds to invest then article marketing can be a good option. It's because you don't need to spend anything in order to write or submit an article. That's why even many top companies have turned to this option for their promotional campaigns.

Long term

Article marketing is undoubtedly a great way to boost the success of your online affiliate marketing program. However, it is more long term in nature, as compared to other more instant tools like PPC etc. But the good thing is, you can expect guaranteed results. All you need is a little bit of time and patience and you can expect definite success online.
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