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Does Joy Create Action?

Oct 29, 2007
I believe it does. Let me give you an examples of what I mean and you decide for yourself.

We are looking at a fairly new internet marketer. She has tried several different forms of paid advertisement with little to no success. She reads an article about ezine solo add advertising and decides to give it a try.

She does her homework by searching for and finding several ezines that appear to have clients that fit her niche.

She signs up for a subscription to each ezine. After about 3 weeks she has received at least 2 newsletters from each.

She has taken the time to read and study each newsletter with care. Based on this study she has determined that a particular one fits her niche better than the others.

She already has a solo add ready and goes to the ezine site, pays for her add to be run one time and sends them her carefully written article with embedded links in the final paragraph and in the signature line.

The solo add comes out late Saturday afternoon about a month later. It arrives in her email box just as the other articles have. She notices right off that the first line in the email states "Solo add run by Jane Doe at www.mynichesite.com".

She doesn't remember the other articles she read having that on them and is worried a little. She shrugs it off and goes to bed. She wakes up late Sunday morning and has to rush a little to get breakfast made and the children ready for Sunday School.

She doesn't have time to check her stats before leaving for Church. At Church she teaches her Sunday School class and enjoys the singing and short sermon after. After Church they ride over to her parents house for lunch and meet with all the other family members for a joyful day.

She arrives home about an hour before time for the evening youth group meeting at Church. She is very nervous about checking her stats on the solo add. She finally bites the bullet and looks at he click thru stats.

She is blown away. Based on her stats she received just about a 6.5% click thru rate on the add. She immediately looks at her optin rate on her squeeze page. She nearly faints. All that work she put in with the picture and audio has really paid off. Her optin rate is 38%.

She can't hardly believe it. Now for the big moment, she looks at her sales stats and just about passes out. She has converted nearly 54% of the optins to paying customers.

She goes to jumping up and down while squealing through her hands. Her husband comes to see what is wrong. Her Children come in and start jumping and squealing with her even though they don't have the slightest idea what is going on.

Suddenly Jane stops jumping and squealing. Though she has tears of joy running from her eyes she looks at her husband and says "I don't think I will ever use this ezine again. Further more I am going to delete this optin and sales page. I am just too happy from making these sales and seeing that internet marketing works. I never want to be this joyful again!"


If you think anyone would say that then you are nuttier than I am for writing about it. At least I am trying to make a point.

Look at it like this. When we are doing what we enjoy doing the work is fun and can't be called work. Just look at the people who leave a perfectly wonderful motel with room service and climb very high and cold mountains. They even pay someone to guide them in their climb.

If a person will do that just because they love to look out over the world from tremendously high places just think how much they will do if they see what they enjoy doing giving great value to many other people. There is no way it would not motivate them to take more and more action.

Now let's say a couple of months later Jane runs another add in a different ezine. She spends twice as much money and get less than a 1% click thru, a 6% optin rate and .07%sales rate. Do you think she will jump for joy this time?

Do you think she will look at the success she has had and continue with great motivation or will she look at her last endeavor as a failure and mope for a while?

I don't know what she will do but I do know what she should do. She should compare what she did in the successful campaign with what she did in the one that was way less successful. By doing this she can determine what she did different in one from the other and make adjustments.

It is easy to allow outside circumstances to make us happy, sad, wealthy or poor. It is not so easy to take responsibility for how we feel, what we say to ourselves, what we say to and about others and specially how we perceive what is happening around us.

Once we truly understand that the inner World creates the Outer World and that our inner World is what we make it, then we can truly do what we enjoy doing, create more value for others and make more money than we could ever use.
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